Monday, September 15, 2014

Virtue United is Stronger

Late last night we arrived back in the dry, hot arid climate of the City of Angels after an amazing Beyond Aromatics conference in Seattle. I'll post details and photos from the event soon. In the meantime I need to fulfill the avalanche of orders from the show (after selling out!) as well as all the orders that came in while we were gone.

I'm so grateful for all of your support dear readers and patrons. The Beyond Aromatics conference was a spectacular experience that I am so extremely grateful to have been part of. I plan to upload a video of my talk so that those of you who did not experience it live to can do so via cyber space.

The photo of Greg and I was taken yesterday by our artist friend Tara Larsen Chang who lives very close to Bastyr. If you look closely you will notice that almost all the little tins of solid perfume are missing under the glass domes. This is because after my presentation on Saturday I sold out of all the perfume mini compacts and lockets, and then began to sell the sample tins as we were getting ready to pack for our ride to the airport.

The opening image was used for the Tree of Life presentation at the conference, the translation of the top banner is Virtue United is Stronger.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Solid Perfume Art Lockets are Back!

Three of the solid perfume art lockets are now back in stock. I'm taking these up to the Beyond Aromatics conference in Seattle where I will have a booth. Since they tend to sell out, I suggest not delaying too long to get one.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Summer 2014

Officially Summer is over, although one would never guess by the warm weather we've been having here. For me, it "feels" done when Eve heads off back to college in Vermont, which she did the Sunday before Labor Day.

The weather folks have been deliberating whether this part of the earth is going to be hit with an El Nino this year. First they said yes, then they said no and now it appears they are saying yes again. The rain would sure be helpful for our parched earth, despite mudslides that will most likely occur here within the woodland.

A few of the sign posts indicating the approach of Autumn have become evident by shifting coloration in the oak leaves and the presence of abundant acorns.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Prepping for the Conference

On Saturday, September 13th at 1:45pm, I will be presenting "The Tree of Life: A Mystical Approach to Botanical Perfumery" at the World of Aromatherapy Conference at Bastyr University. I will also have a booth at the trade show connected to the event.

If any of you dear readers is planning to attend the conference and would like to pick up something specific while there please send me an e-mail. Most likely I will be taking along display items and very little stock to sell, thus a heads up is highly recommended.

Model with locket is Minkie of Rogue Minx Clothing located in Portland, her fave perfume from our line is Chaparral.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Flowering Perks

Since March 13th, when I came across my new workspace, I've been contemplating creating a campaign to get some help with the set up of the atelier, specifically the counters for the apothecary area.

I'm just about ready to debut the project which will offer rewards that are not currently available in my E-shop or website like Mellifera, a new jasmine fragrance, body butters, etc. Some of these delicacies have exotic white flowers as a common denominator, like a heavenly Gardenia item that I have in a small amount. I am also devising some perks that will be special for those who attend the grand opening.

Using an established site like IndieGoGo is an option but I am leaning more toward hosting it here at the journal and sending the rewards out immediately as the donations come in to keep things simplified.

If there is anything special you would like me to offer please leave a comment or send me a note. This week I'll be meeting with some folk to get clarity on what the minimum amount I need is to get the space finished up.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Life is a Flower

Last year in August for the Honey Love Wax Symposium I put together a talk about "Scent and the Honey Bee" along with creating a perfume titled Mellifera. The fragrance is just about ready for debut. Above is a sneak preview of one of the images that Greg finished up yesterday to illuminate the evocative potion. The photo shoot was conducted back in May at the Agoura Antique Mart with the radiant Sophie Fletcher.

"Life is the flower of which love is the honey."
– Victor Hugo

The fragrance is going to be part of the fan funding campaign I've been putting together to get the rest of my new space finished, thus it will not be available at the E-shop or my website until the Autumn. There is going to be a plethora of perfumes I've been holding off on debuting available at that time including a new Jasmine that I am completely in love with.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In Between

The work area of my new space, termed apothecary, is finally set up. Thus, all perfumes and new orders will now be created in Agoura Hills. For the time being I've set up the area like I had it here at my home studio to keep things simplified.

The whole space is still being refined, with me making subtle daily changes. I'm in desperate need of furniture, specifically counters and shelving. Its pretty amazing how many bottles of liquids I have amassed in the last eighteen years. Packing and moving all of it in made me realize just how much glass and liquids I have. What a relief that I've only moved ten minutes away.

I have a window display / seating area at the front of the space which for now I am using as a display for my sign and glass ware.

Today I set to work only to realize I have left some valuable glassware and infusions at home. It feels a bit like I'm in between two worlds.