Saturday, July 19, 2014

Spinning Gears

The soon to be work+teaching+showroom space for Roxana Illuminated Perfume keeps evolving and inching closer to move in time. The electrician came by and hung the chandeliers following Greg and I painting the short wall in the front a pretty purple hue. This week, after doing a thorough cleaning with the help of my daughter Eve, I've been painting furniture and the wrought iron gate that will be put onto the wall of the apothecary area.

The rectangular space has a low T shaped wall that divides it into three sections, my workspace which I call "the apothecary", the teaching space and the front area called "the showroom." The teaching area contains a large chalkboard and eventually a long table with benches and or chairs.

All parts of the perfumery have been put together on a super slim budget, using high amounts of creativity, people power and ingenuity. As mentioned previously the chandeliers were found at a salvage yard and then rewired and fixed up by a local fellow at Whizin. The two little wall scones in the teaching space were given to me by my mother, they once belonged to my grandmother. The furniture and decor has been picked up at local flea and vintage markets, off the street and local Estate sales.

The cabinet you see above is part of a two part unit purchased at the Rose Bowl flea market that was bright white. I took off the two outer door on the top piece so that those two spaces can be utilized for display. Right now I'm thinking its going to hold glass jars filled with the little solid perfume pot samples.

I have been distressing it a bit by adding clear and dark wax to impart more of a vintage look. I have several other pieces here at home that are in the process of being painted, waxed and/or sanded. I am rather enjoying the physicality of the work and painting again.

My iron trellis, also purchased at the Rose Bowl flea market, has had some metal work attached to it so that it could function as a door. I painted the metal with a creamy colored chalk paint and then went over it with clear and dark wax to match the worn iron on the original trellis. 

Since this week will be short due to Comic Con, I'm intending that the week of Monday, August 4th will be an auspicious time to start setting up the work shop. Of course, this depends on the Whizin management folk attaching the iron gate to the purple wall and lots of other parts to the turbine. For example, although I used an environmentally friendly, zero VOC paint there are still some fumes that the constantly running ionizer still has yet to remove. Then there is the matter of needing some counters for the apothecary area, more on that soon.

In the meantime I hope these pictures and words will convey some of the beauty of the space and the excitement as my brand manifests in a three dimensional space!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mind Blowing

The two versions of Greg's art book arrived at our doorstep last week. This caught us quite off guard as we didn't know that Titan was going to send these to him. Both of them are beautiful, and to our extreme release the images and the metallic inks printed exquisitely!

Here are a few photos to enjoy and inspire you to order you very own copy from Greg at this link. The book will formally debut at the greatest gathering for popular art culture in America, the zoo known as the San Diego Comic Convention opening next week.

If you find yourself at the event Greg will be at table EE-23 in Artist Alley. The book will be for sale at the Titan Books Booth located in the Exhibit Hall at 5537, Greg will be signing on Saturday, July 26th at 3pm.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Argentina vs Germany

Will it be my homeland of Argentina that takes the cup or Germany during this Sundays soccer match? Either way, it's bound to be a fun game and there's always the handsome Lionel Messi. 

Check out the latest post at CaFleurBon by the ever so witty Michelyn Camen where the new edition of Blossom is part of a giveaway related to the big match between Germany and Argentina this Sunday. While I represent the southern hemisphere with Blossom on the other side of the Atlantic and way up north is one of my soul sister perfumers Tanja of April Aromatics representing Germany.

Blossom EdC photo: Roxana Villa, Lionel Messi photo: SoccerKidz

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Constant

In the morning after I harvest the jasmine blossoms my hands smell spectacular for a few hours. Thus my scent of the day (SOTD) has been Cimbalom. Yesterday I applied the solid and today a small drop of the liquid while pouring some samples. I'm thinking that an Eau de Parfum of Cimbalom would be quite nice just about now.

The constants lately: jasmine gathering/tincturing, prepping the new space and filling daily orders. Prepping the new space has been the most labor intensive and ranges from multiple phone calls in the morning, painting furniture, and what seems like endless decision making.

Below is a shot of the signage in front of my space that will soon say Roxana Illuminated Perfume, instead of appsminded.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Breeze

At the end of May we set up two photo shoots with two different models. The first was with one of my "Summer" color tribe sisters Sophie Fletcher and the second was a second shoot with Savanah. Regrettably the secondary shoot didn't happen, but the good news is we did a follow up session with Sophie and between the two days have loads of imagery to work with.

Above is a sneak peak, more arriving as soon!

Model: Sophie Fletcher
Flowers: Rebecca from Flower Power Studio

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Illuminated Space Update

"Go confidently in the direction of your dream. Live the life you’ve imagined."
~ Thoreau

My new space in Agoura has been inching along at a snails pace, due to the management taking their own sweet time. This week things have progressed much more swiftly, although I was informed that the paint I had chosen, for the second time, would cost a fortune mainly due to labor.

Thus, the textured Venetian plaster wall look for the entire space is now being re-evaluated. I contemplated painting it myself or having Greg do it for me but it would involve an entire day of work and setting up scaffolding because of the eighteen foot high ceilings. I also looked into the Ralph Lauren finishes like RiverRock, that wouldn't require much labor, but the cost was over budget.

For the paint I settled on a low VOC, environmentally friendly, flat taupe for most of the walls, particularly the high ones. Greg and I may add some texture to them as well as some Venetian plaster to the front facing low wall.

The wrought iron garden trellis I bought for the door to the apothecary has been made into a door and now needs some antiquing to the newly added metalwork frame and a door handle.

Once the painting is finished the electrician will return to put in the chandeliers and two antique scones that were my grandmothers. At that point the real fun will begin as I begin to move in the furniture followed by shelving, glass ware, etc.

Since I've used up my allotted expense money for the space I am crafting a fan funding event to help me get a few things, such as counters for the apothecary area where I'll be making all the fragrant potions, etc.

Images: Opening painting by George Henry Grenville Manton, photographs by Roxana.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pink to Natural

The pink pots that hold a sample of solid perfume will soon be departing as I go with natural toned ones instead. As I was contemplating how to display items for the new space I noticed that the pink color doesn't work at all when looking at everything as a whole. The reason is that the pink hue of the container is over the top compared to the subdued and dusty pinks of my palette. One of the great things about having an existing palette to work with is that when I stick to the colors everything harmonizes nicely.

Samples in the photo above are: Page 47, Gracing the Dawn and Vera.