Thursday, January 29, 2015

Get a sample of Fleurish, Mellifera or Figure 5: Bois!

I am offering Fleurish, Mellifera and Figure 5: Bois as solid perfume tins over at the Fan Funding post here at the journal.

Pictured in the photo is Fleurish, a fruity jasmine with robust notes of indole. Samples are available via the fan funding post or get sample of one of the three included this week with any order of $50 from the website, make sure to mention this promotion in the notes section upon check out, or via an e-mail.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Downtown Adventure

Yesterday my daughter Eve turned twenty two (gulp!), so we headed into downtown Los Angeles for some fun. First we went to Shareen, a vintage women's clothing store where no boys are allowed, on North Spring Street.

"Shareen Downtown is the creative center of a secret society of women who love to be at the cutting edge of fashion trends. It is a 7,000 sq. ft. “no boys allowed” fashion wonderland. Its sister store in NY is a haven tucked away in a cozy apartment in Chelsea." 

The majority of items offered are bridal with an eclectic mix of 50's - 80's dresses, some of Shareens own designs and a section which is not for sale titled design inspiration.

From there our adventure moved onto Chinatown, which doesn't quite compare to the one in San Francisco. How favorite places were the herbal shops, which regrettably didn't want all their cool jars photographed.

The area felt a bit like an abandoned theme park, perhaps because it was Tuesday afternoon or its just lost its luster over the years.

Next stop was The Last Bookstore on South Spring Street in the heart of downtown. This is a treasure, in terms of eye candy, which I was not familiar with.

Housed on the ground floor of the Spring Arts Tower, the 20,000 square foot space offers new and used books, vinyl records and graphic novels.

On the huge mezzanine level, visible from the ground floor of the bookstore, the splendor continues with a visual cacophony including the Gather yarn shop, the Labyrinth Above the Last Bookstore and the Spring Arts Collective gallery shops.

I had spotted the mezzanine level but didn't quite get my interest sparked until I saw word YARN and heard two guys talking about the upstairs. As I ascended the stairs it became clear that up here was where the adventure truly begins! Not only is there the yarn shop Gather, but there little artist studios, displays and as mentioned previously a few labyrinths of books. 

I definitely had the impression of falling down a rabbit hole. The bookstore is auspiciously close to the Bradbury Building, where Blade Runner was filmed, thus the final, climatic scene with the replicants amongst antiquated imagery was vivid in my mind as I wondered about. 

As we walked back to the car, just as it had turned dark and all the night creatures of downtown were emerging, we couldn't quite help thinking that the area is ripe for storytellers and character sketches.

Next on our adventure was Little Toyko, where we stopped into the Weller Court to go to the Kinokuniya Bookstore and the Marukai Japanese supermarket for provisions. From there we headed west to Abbot Kinney in Venice for dinner at Gjelina, which was spectacular to say the least!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Botanical Valentine

Romantic Reds from Ancient Days

Lac is a natural dye that has been prized since antiquity for its' luminous reds and sweet pink hues. The dye itself comes from sweet exudates of the Lac insect. As early as 1200 BC, Lac was collected and used for decoration. The word lac is the English version of Persian and Hindi words that mean “hundred thousand,” indicating the large number of the minute insects required to produce lac dye. It is gathered by spreading cloths on the ground under infested trees, during the season of “red rain”. It is considered a very romantic time, because the natural smell of the Lac is very pheromonal, promoting vibrant health and libido.

Roxana Illuminated Perfume and Sunsprite Handwork come together on Saturday, February 7th to offer you a chance to experience this most interesting color!  At 1:30 Mona will share a bit of history, lore and wisdom about the process followed by the opportunity to dye your very own square silk using a rare and beautiful material! 

From 2:00 to 4:00 we will be brewing a little pot of Lac dye brewing with silk hankies, pre-printed with leaves of Rose and Eucalyptus, for you to dye. You may choose one and dip dye it in the Lac to lay a veil of red color over the print. The finished silk may be used tucked in a pocket, tied into a potpourri pouch, displayed on a table to enjoy under a favorite vase or gifted to a beloved.

The cost is just $5 per person to cover materials.

1:30 Lecture
2:00 - 4:00 Dye Process

Please contact Roxana to reserve your spot, spaces are limited.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Interview at Té de Violetas

Shortly after returning from the NAHA conference at Bastyr I was sent a lengthy questionaire by my beautiful fellow Argentine compatriot Virginia Blanco of the perfume blog Té de Violetas. I am beyond happy to share that the interview was posted today, follow this link over to Virginias lovely blog which translates at Violet Tea. The interview is first posted in spanish with the english version down below.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

La Dame Blanche Solid Perfume

La Dame Blanche as a solid is finally getting uploaded to the website. The color harmony, as mentioned previously, is a sapphire blue.

Read about the concept and formulation of La Dame Blanche here. The image above is the "La Dame Blanche" drawer within the apothecary case in my workspace in Agoura. Each fragrance has its own drawer, for the moment anyway.

The scent, to my nose, has a fresh rose quality with some citrus and wood. There seems to be quite a diverse interpretation on the notes but for the most part "floral' is consistently mentioned. Some pick up on it immediately on rose, others on the citrus top notes while others get spice. It is always fascinating to hear all the scent interpretations, not only for this fragrance but all the others as well.

Next on the horizon for La Dame Blanche is finding the crochet thread and having Martha make some pouches for the solid perfume compacts.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Plant Dye Workshop at the Perfumery!

“You are an alchemist; make gold of that.” 
~ William Shakespeare 

Plant Dye Workshop: Botanical Alchemy
Sunday, March 1st from 10am - 4pm
in Agoura Hills, CA

Mona Lewis, Sunsprite Handwork and Roxana of Illuminated Perfume have aligned their passion and skills to bring a day of intense play and alchemy as we dye soft wool travel wraps using delightfully simple Ecoprint bundle dyeing' techniques.

We will begin by stitching a selection of natural fabric patches into our wraps, then use the simplest of ingredients - leaves and water - to add exquisite natural color to our work. After lunch, while the wraps are in the dye-pot, we will stitch a beautiful travel bag in which to keep the wraps safe when they're not draped around our shoulders'.

Our hands-on day begins at 10am at the Roxana Illuminated Perfume Workshop with morning tea on arrival, followed by a short introduction to the plant dye process. Mona will then guide us through the process of stitching and dyeing before we sit down to enjoy a seasonal lunch prepared by Blue Table Restaurant (while the dye-pot bubbles away in the background). An unfurling of the wraps, along with some more simple stitching will complete the afternoon, which we expect will end around 4pm.

Ms. Lewis, the conductor of this special day, uses ecologically sustainable contact print processes from plants as a means of exploring the amazing colors of nature and finding relevant, artistic applications. She works as a handwork teacher in the Waldorf Education movement sharing her love of natural color throughout the curriculum. Her students are children of all ages. She heads up the soft handwork section of Waldorf Initiative for Teacher Training and holds continuing educational workshops for adults. Learn more about Mona's on her Facebook Pages: Mona Lewis and Sunsprite Handwork and on Instagram.

Please wear suitable clothing and bring a notebook to write in. The fee for the entire day, including materials is $360 per person. A deposit of $180 will reserve your seat, with the balance due by February 28th. The deposit is refundable if the cancellation is made by February 15th.

Due to the nature of the class, participation is limited to ten lucky students, we encourage reserving your seat now. Please contact Roxana to reserve your seat: text/e-mail: or by phone (818) 992-0490.

This is a unique and special experience in our local community using plants from our area in the gorgeous, peaceful setting of Agoura Hills.

Roxana Illuminated Perfume
Whizin Market Square, Atrium Building, second floor
28914 Roadside Dr, unit #219
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Other upcoming workshops will include:
Color from the Kitchen
Rock Stars of the Plant Dye world (Brazilwood and Logwood)
Bugs are the Best
The Mystery of Indigo

A special free introductory Valentines workshop will be announced shortly, stay tuned.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Best of 2014

2014 ends opening a portal on yet another shiny, new year for manifestations and magical, mystery tours. I must say that this last year felt a bit epic and thus worthy of a post and look back.

Like 2012 when the gi-normous feature took place, this year feels dominated by one major event: the emergence of the new workspace and all that has come along with it. Most notably there has been a sharpening of the Roxana Illuminated Perfume brand and vision.

As a brand I finally settled on a new logo thanks to the talents of Jane Farr with the assistance of Maestro Spalenka, Jeff Burne and Ben Neuhart.

New perfumes released and upcoming:
  • Impromptu
  • La Dame Blanche, an Outlander inspired fragrance
  • Mellifera
  • Fleurish
  • Figure 5: Bois

Packaging updates, most notably neutral pots replace the pinks, the addition of 4 gram little spray bottles for the Eau de Parfums and an introduction of new imagery for lockets and compacts.

The other notable event was the World of Aromatherapy conference at Bastyr in Seattle and Tree of Life presentation.

2015 will unfold with countless fragrant wonders with the debut of more delights, trinkets and olfactory adventures from nature. We are currently putting together classes involving plant matters of all kinds including the Maestros Artist as Brand Workshop which is almost filled up.

On the tarmac at the moment is Eau de Parfums of some of your favorites, La Dame Blanche as a solid and lots and lots of secrets. Given that 2015 equates the number eight which horizontally is the infinity sign I'm pretty sure that this new year is going to be stellar, thus I leave you with this, because after all we've gotta to make sure we have fun along the way...