Monday, April 17, 2017

Venus Rising

As I was hunting for more imagery for the visuals of the Alchemy Panel this Thursday evening, I stumbled across a blog post about Venus going direct. If you are a reader of this journal, then you know that I prefer to live my life in the Art Spirit and am open to auspicious signs that are mystical in nature. Well, here's an interesting story....

I've been working with a "wound" that presented itself on my ankle last July. At first it looked like a bruise, shaped like an eye. I went to see several alternative health professionals and no one knew what it was, although they each contributed a theory. None of the theories rang true for me, even from the most intuitive of the healers. As I continued to look for answers, including from aromatherapists, the bruise became larger until both Greg and I became very concerned. I was told to "go to an allopathic" doctor which was definitely not something I was ready to do, knowing quite well what a maze of horrors that route can be, especially with my challenged immune system.

I finally came across a local naturopath by way of a biodynamic gardener who had her training at Bastyr. He looked at it and was also a bit perplexed but seemed to really like the challenge. He had me suspend ALL salves and started me on an ozone, light blood therapy and a few other modalities. The wound has stopped expanding and is beginning to heal.

Last week as I was receiving an ozone treatment the doctor massaged the spot and referred to one of my early questions about an "emotion" being trapped in the ankle. He said there might a few things that were locked together and suggested I ask the question this weekend while doing the hot cold therapy he had instructed. Thus, as I sat timing my foot in the hot and cold submersion baths I asked the wound for a revelation. What percolated up in my consciousness were phrases relating to standing...such as "standing in ones power, or truth", "strong foot hold" and all of these. As I continued to meditate on the ankle, the phrases and life events, I was also working with another personal challenge about what I knew to be true. Self worth, forgiveness and standing up for myself, specifically with males and patriarchal systems, became really crystal clear.

Then...I came across this blog post mentioned in the first sentence and everything seemed to come into even more focus, especially as I continue to prep for the Alchemy events and move. The blog post refers to Venus, the archetype of the feminine moving forward on April 15 in Pisces. I happen to have a Pisces moon as well as in a few other placements within my astrological chart and my husband Greg is a Pisces. This is the paragraph that really got me...

"You should have a greater understanding of what something's worth. Of what you're worth. Venus' station is very close to Chiron in Pisces, so this understanding will involve compassionate acceptance of a wound. Moving forward means forgiving yourself or forgiving someone else. Accepting (Pisces) that it/you/they are not perfect. And, you're going to stop reopening the wound. This is crucial. Forgiveness does not mean allowing the hurtful situation to continue. Remember - you're moving forward."

Yes indeed, I am literally moving forward. Notice that in the painting below Hope is stepping forward with her right foot.

The painting is by Evelyn De Morgan (1855–1919)  titled "Hope in a Prison of Despair", it is allegorical depicting Hope gracefully entering a dungeon with a light. Meanwhile Despair is bowed down in grief with a broken chain near her, as if she has been released from her torment. Hope is painted in warm colors with an splendid aura while Despair is portrayed in cool tones adding more symbolic references to the scene.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Personal Myth

We all have a personal myth, a story we have constructed, that makes it easier or harder to move through events here in this rather strange and sometimes challenging incarnation. This is one of the aspects we will be exploring at the Alchemy & Medicine of the Soul workshop coming up this month.

Florian, one of our instructors, has sent me this article from the NY Times which weaves nicely with the work we will be doing.

Photograph is by Lewis Carroll of Alice Pleasance Liddell, who inspired the children's classic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Honey comb, perfume and related ramblings

The color of honey comb can vary greatly depending on how much its been used by the honey bees. When the our little alchemist, along with her sisters, begin to build comb, it is almost pure white, as you can see from this piece which was only a few days old when we moved our first hive from the compost bin to a box.

Most often, at least when I have saved feral hives, the is an overabundance of dark brown, almost black comb. Early on in our bee saving missions were advised to keep this dark comb so that the bees have something already in place to start using immediately. However, over the years we have noticed that new and established colonies don't like old comb. I'm not sure why this is. I would guess that one hive might not like the "scent" of another tribes comb as being part of the challenge. Perhaps over time the comb has less vitality or nutrients, or an energetic blueprint which they no longer are interested in. These are all guesses.

Another challenge to the old, dark strange comb is that when melted down and used for perfume and other bee products it becomes a sticky black mess with relatively no usable beeswax, its also extreme fire hazard. I am still searching for creative ways to use this old comb.

Speaking of creativity, I can always tell when an individual is inspired by one of my elder creations, not only because my intuitive antennae starts twitching but also by e-mails I start getting. For example, a few months ago I was being bombarded with e-mail asking for To Bee. I thought perhaps it was that the fragrance had been recently featured on a blog, but after research throughout the web universe I found nothing. When I asked the people contacting me how they had heard about the perfume they either did not answer, or mention that they read about it online but would not share the link. Thus my Virgo aspects kicked in and I started wondering about those cats who copy because they aren't very tapped into their creativity. Sure enough, I was right. When this transpires I take a deep breath, pity the individual and move on to the notebook I have where I download my ideas onto paper on a daily basis from the Universe, instead of checking out what others are doing and secretly ordering samples to be copied...or attempting to copy.

As artist lifer, whose livelihood is based on my very unique self expression. It sucks when others recreate or re-use something I worked hard on with no respect for the original content, copyright, or trademark. It takes time, energy, blood, sweat, laughter and tears to produce this mini empire including original content as imagery, written texts, packaging, the actual products, etc. It's heart breaking when other grab images, words and ideas with absolutely no respect...even worse are the ones who are unconscious of what they are doing. Sure, we are all one big collective, and in that big consciousness soup ideas are available to everyone, but that's not what I'm referring to.

Meanwhile To Bee in her other formats will be back shortly. The fragrance was created in 2011 to bring attention to the challenges that this little insect is having due to GMO's, insecticides and an overall lack of consciousness from humans on the planet. Here's the link to a post here at the journal with the To Bee lookbook and a few comments I pulled from the Fragrantica site:

"A real, raw honey smell combined with some sort of spicy, animalistic notes. Not a edible honey, but closer to smelling an actual hive. LOVE. It has the low longevity and silage of natural perfumes, unfortunately, but it seems to perform relatively similar to other real botanical scents I own."
~ LauraB613, August 24, 2013

"I was expecting more honey notes, but I pick up a lot of woodsy, spicy ones too. 
The smell reminds me of the Sonoran desert after it rains. Rich + full bodied. 
This is a complex, well-balanced + grounding creation."  
~  priyalugus, January 13, 2016

"To Bee is olifactory joy. You think just honey and beeswax? No, this is more complex and spicy...a raw natural scent that makes you want to sniff, sniff, figure out all the ingredients. 
If you love edgy, raw nature scents, you'll love To Bee." 
~ Bab, October 8, 2012

Images and written context is not yours to steel, ask first. Opening photograph is by Rebecca Fishman during a photo shoot at our woodland cottage. Other photos and all content is ©Roxana Villa

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Study, Learn, Evolve, Repeat

This Sunday, April 9th, I will be teaching what appears to be the very last Art of Botanical Perfume live class at the "current" perfumery. It won't be the last live class I teach, but my lease in the Whizin Market Hall is up on May 5th, thus it will likely be the last live class I do in this exact least as of this sacred moment.

The online Art of Botanical Perfume course is available 24/7 and more live and online classes are on their way. What this also means, if you haven't put the pieces together yet, is that the perfumery as we know it in this incarnation will cease to exist. I won't say more at this point since things are in a fluid state, however, if you've been meaning to take a class or visit the space, tick tock.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Olandar welcomes Roxana Villa

On the afternoon of Saturday, April 15th I will be presenting "The Flower of Life: A Mystical Approach to the Art of Botanical Perfumery" at Olander in Malibu. The Olandar Foundation for Emerging Renaissance (OFFER) is an organization created by actor/artist Leigh J. McCloskey. He began this endeavor with the seed of an "idea meant to awaken our deepest knowing and to stimulate the emerging waters of imaginative renaissance & rebirth."1

I had the opportunity to visit Olander many years ago when Eve was a child and Leigh had just started his gatherings. Fast forward to a few months ago when Greg mentioned being on their newsletter mailing and that the events that Olandar were putting on are reminiscent of what Alex and Alison Grey have been doing. Power couples in the visionary and healing tribe are on the rise, I see this as part of the integration of masculine and feminine, duality, that is currently taking place on the planet. Cathy and Florian are another excellent example of sol and luna, the alchemical marriage.

I'm absolutely delighted that now I have the honor of presenting "The Flower of Life: A Mystical Approach to the Art of Botanical Perfumery" a dissertation on the things I usually ramble on about relating to olfactory adventures and exploring the mythology, history and aromatic properties
of flowers, etc.

I'll be bringing along tinctures, hydrosols, lotions and potions to alter our consciousness with Greg who I have asked to put together a visual accompaniment to my words and scented treats.

Floral Consciousness  
$35 prepay on Paypal/$40 at door
Saturday, April 15, 4:30 pm 
Arrive by 4:00 for a tour of Leighs magical 3D studio
Contact Carla to reserve your spot and get directions
carlamccloskey <at>

Leigh J. McCloskey
Photos ©Roxana Villa

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

To Bee Eau de Parfum!

Just in time for swarm season, To Bee as an Eau de Parfum is here! I've been working on this one since 2014, the main challenge was getting the ration of essences to alcohol in perfect balance. Since To Bee is such a rich fragrance, weaved with dark, heavy notes that the orchestration can get tricky—too much alcohol eliminates the deep, reverberating base but too little overpowers the more subtle, ephemeral voices. Added to this very dynamic equation there is the challenge of longevity for a true authentic plant perfume which has no isolates, animal or synthetic materials.

Luckily, Eau de Parfums—by their very nature of being atomized into the air, have a tendency toward good silage and tenacity. Take a look at the To Bee Lookbook we put together in 2013 here.

To Bee Eau de Parfum is available in the petite atomizer bottle and the larger, tall rectangular bottle. The Eau de Parfums will be doubling in price shortly as I get them ready for retail stores. I have not set a date yet, however, thought I'd pass that bit of information onto you now while To Bee is still in stock.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Bee-ing Green

When I contemplate the “green” note in a perfume, it is so much more than just the scent. At the core are the ingredients, how are they grown, obtained, processed and then brought to the market. Is the soul of the plant, the quintessence, still contained in the material that is being used? Or have those energetic fields been stripped out, starting with the seed?

The subtle frequencies of the soul imprint, the deva, spirit guardian or angel of the plant, still vibrant...even at ppb (parts per billion)? Many of us yearn for communion with that soul essence, the botanical matrix of the plant.

Thus on this St. Patricks Day, I'm cheering for authentic green, to the pagans who were so intimately aware of these subtle energies and to all the defenders of Gaia.

Find the Emerald Green Honey Bee Compact here.

Photos & text ©RoxanaVilla