Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Little Round Bee Lockets finally get perfume!

It took awhile for me to get this together and I am still working out some of the details, but, for the most part they are ready. Introducing the little round bee lockets with perfumed felts!

In the early nineties when I was first introduced to aromatherapy I wore a filigree locket necklace that had a piece of felt inside saturated with essential oil. For years I've been thinking this would be a great way to add scent to the little round lockets but didn't have time to set down and do it.

Well, here they are. If you order one please let me know what you think. I'll soon be offering the little felts individually so that they can be purchased separately.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Rosa solid is back in stock!

Rosa, the perfume created in honor of the California wild rose is now back in stock in her luscious creamy version. The new edition was created using the same formula and pretty much the same exact vital plant essences as in the previous version.

One thing I have noticed when a new edition is fresh is that the aroma will be much lighter than an older edition. When the Rosa synergy is fairly fresh you will notice more dominant top notes with the rosy heart shining through crystal clear. When the formula has aged, more than 6 months to a year, the precious woods will create an earthy note that is not perceptible when it so young. This is the alchemy of pure, botanical perfume.

"A 3 to10 ft. tall clone-forming shrub with arching, dense, prickly stems.  It is frequent to locally common in moist places in shaded canyons, riparian woodlands and chaparral of the San Joaquin Hills, Santa Ana Mountains and foothills (Roberts).  Flowering Apr-July.  Native Americans ate the buds, flowers, fruits and seeds and made medicine from roots, petals and leaves.  Young wood was used for arrow shafts."1


Friday, May 15, 2015

GreenWitch and the Shire

A customer yesterday sent me this message: "I discovered your perfumes through a two-page review in the weekend magazine of one of the Norwegian newspapers, written by a perfume connoiseurs. He claimed that your perfume, Greenwitch, is evocative of what Tolkien's Shire would smell like."

After an exhaustive search I found the author and article. It was published in January 2015 in D2 Magazine by Bjørn Brochmann a perfume columnist, and extraordinary illustrator. Bjørn had originally contacted me in 2010 about an article on organic perfumes. Although he did a full interview, the article was never published, instead he did a write up on GreenWitch with a lovely illustration.

According to Bjørn the article “discuss the pros and cons of synthetic and natural perfumery, talk about fantasy literature (and The Hobbit) and finish with the following lines: "While there are many perfumes I admire primarily as aesthetic achievements, there is something intimate about Roxana Villas perfumes. Not perfect, but personal - as if I’m allowed to smell through her nose. She defends her right to be unruly and imprecise, and this is where she shines; not as an ecologically correct "natural" nose, but as a nose with a gift for the natural.”

I'm not sure if its a positive review or not, none the less, it brought in customers and all press is good.
Here is the link, although full access is denied unless you are a subscriber.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Street Art Live: May

Here's a little reminder that tomorrow evening, Friday, is the Street Art Live happening in the Market Hall Atrium building of the Whizin Center. Greg, the illuminator of our fragrances, is one of the artists who will be there painting live. Another perk to coming out is that the perfumery will be open during this event, stop by to experience a dose of nature in a beautiful within an enchanting space.

Date: Friday, May 15th
Time: 7:00 to 11:00pm

From the website: A monthly live art event here in Agoura Hills bringing some of Southern California’s best emerging artists forward.  Walk along the atrium at the Whizin Market Square and see these artist create street art paintings right before your eyes. Featured artist in the gallery this month is NOISE. Live DJ and opportunity to purchase red wrist bands for wine at Blue Table Wine & Cheese Bar to support the event.

Opening image: Mystic Current ©Greg Spalenka. Greg will be working on a version of this piece.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mama Day to all of you divine manifestations of the Goddess. Love, joy and lush floral bouquets of your favorite flowers for each of you. One of my favorites pictured below, plumeria!

My intention for everyone today is that every individual gets connected to the great mother spirit that nurtures and sustains all of us. I know, pretty big vision there, but hey big, hairy, audacious goals are where its at and how we will change things!

The opening photo is of my mom and dad with my brother and I as we disembarked an aircraft in Buenos Aires, Argentina, circa the 70's. The second photo is plumeria flowers from last year and the third is a polaroid of sweet, little Eve and I at a mommy/daughter tea, circa 1999 or so.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Smoke and Mirrors

The world just keeps getting more and more strange, not in a good way in my opinion. I was going to use the word surreal, but I like surrealism, even the word strange may not be appropriate. What has my panties in such a bunch? The lack of truth in perfume but also in other sectors like food which has quite a bit of cross over.

This morning in my inbox was an e-mail from the Organic Consumers Association about the latest theatrics happening with large "organic" corporate poultry farms who want to be allowed to give their chickens more synthetic methionine. Regrettably the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) agreed, despite petitions. "The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) submitted testimony against the Livestock Committee’s petition, along with more than 17,000 signatures on a petition calling on the NOSB to phase out the use of synthetic methionine and honor the Organic Food Production Act (OFPA) requirement of year round legitimate outdoor access."1 Disgusting! Anyway, this incident combined with more and more perfumers throwing around words like "natural" and pretending they actually make the perfumes that have their name on them and they promote has me in a bad mood.

You may recall that back in 2012 I attended a perfumers breakfast meeting where I learned that all main stream perfume, including many uber niche and niche perfumers, don't actually make their perfumes but hire a lab to do so. Here's a paragraph from that post.


We were educated that all perfumes in the main stream are created by an individual who works at a fragrance house. A company, celebrity or artist comes to a fragrance house with an idea where the staff perfumer begins the process of transforming the idea into a perfume.

Rather quickly many of us in the audience realized that this system would not work for those of us who prefer to construct and formulate are own perfumes. We were told that it was cost prohibitive to create a true natural perfume and that we should consider broadening our palette to achieve a wider reach. Yosh shared how she struggled with the idea of someone else manufacturing/producing her perfumes and letting go of specific ingredients like a beloved Vetiver from Haiti.


This fact that most main stream niche perfumers use a lab was a huge reveal to me, I had no idea but can see how this would be lucrative. It actually occurs a lot more than you would imagine. The challenge for me is that I don't like that this little kernel of information is kept secret AND that these labs will label some ingredients as "natural" that have nothing to do with nature.

Here's the tie in with the labeling of "organic" poultry that allows a certain amount of synthetics because "the corporation" asked for it. This particular issue is of authenticity is huge to me. I just read somewhere that "millennials", those born somewhere between 1980 and 2000, prefer transparency. If this is true than perhaps this new generation will assist in pulling back the curtain on some of these theatrics reminiscent of this scene from the original Wizard of Oz movie.

1 Organic Consumers Association

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Figure 5: Bois

The four standard fragrance families are floral, oriental, wood and fresh. Floral and wood are fairly self explanatory oriental refers to scents that have rich notes of spice, resin, vanilla and or amber and where as the family fresh governs fruity/citrus, green and oceanic.

The word bois in french means wood. Figure 5: Bois belongs smack in the middle of the wood family, with additional notes of tobacco, leather and resin supporting the hearty timber to deepen the experience of a magical, mystery forest. This is the fragrance of an old growth woodland where the whispers and echoes of mystical creatures from legends can be heard. According to Kleercut.net we humans have managed to eradicate 80% of our original old growth forests from "logging, clearing for agricultural land, and oil, gas and hydroelectric development."

Figure 5 Bois, like the fragrances Q and Sierra, is a reminder of how important trees are to our fragile eco-system and life here on planet Earth.

As with most of the fragrances I create, the formula for is dense with quite a long list of essential oils that went into the construction, the most dominant notes come from what is referred to as cellulose fibers of a tree and end with wood:
- Cedar
- Cypress
- Sandal
- Guiac
- Ho
- Agar
- Holy / Saint (Palo santo)
along with leaves, resins and roots.

The energetics of this fragrance due to so much wood is primarily of the 1st chakra, providing strength, fortitude and stability, like the trees. Other attributes related to the essential oils in this complex perfume include: higher knowledge (7th chakra), perspective (6th chakra), and unconditional love (4th chakra).

The illumination for this fragrance reminds us of the balance in our dualistic nature and the importance of embracing her dwindling land and the elemental deities that dwell within.