Thursday, December 8, 2016

Donna M

I am thrilled to finally have Donna M coming to the perfumery with her domestically designed and produced collection. Like me, Donna is producing the materials that she works with, from the fabrics to the finishing! All fabrics are exclusively knitted in Los Angeles to her precise specifications and sewn in our very own factory.

Each item is “GARMENT DYED”, which means they are pre-shrunk to keep their shape, color, fit and longevity for years to come due to the unique fabric and dye technique!

Besides all that good stuff, they feel and wear magnificently. The styles can go from day to evening, from yoga to work to dinner—all while feeling comfortable and beautiful. In the photo above I am on the right wearing head to toe Donna M in "Antique Brass" which is the lights of my eyes. Ideally what I should have done is paired the warm honey tone with a cool color like a shade of my red or purple to bring in the balance of my eye to hair relationship.

Other festivities taking place within the Whizin Market Square include:
  • Photo booth
  • Live band
  • Food drive
  • Restaurant food sampling

So, head on over, right around the corner from Paramount Ranch, one of the locations where West World was filmed! We look forward to seeing all your smiling faces!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Meet the Makers at the Perfumery on Saturday!

Hello dear devotees of nature scents and beauty,
let's celebrate what makes us unique, what makes us human!

This holiday season let's ring in the green and support makers.
I invite you to gather with artisans and creatives, those inspiring
individuals who conjure stories, poetic melodies
and create beauty to lift and brighten our day.

In the spirit of the season and a vibrant inspiring community,
come join us this Saturday, as I open the doors of the perfumery
for a collective day of cheer at Whizin Market Hall.

10 am to 6 pm
Join in the cheer, feel the love, laugh and enjoy!

Greg and I will be available to assist you with visual and scented delights
The fabulous Donna M is here with her gorgeous wares from 12pm - 4pm
Roxana Illuminated Perfume
upstairs in the mezzanine of the Atrium

Fellow sellers throughout the Market Square will be open
Wine and Cheese Hour in the Atrium 4pm - 6pm

Whizin Market
28914 Roadside Drive
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Just off the 101, plenty of parking, unique boutiques and delicious food.

Monday, December 5, 2016

We are featured in 805 Magazine!

Our natural botanical perfume flacons have been beautifully photographed in a feature within the December issue of 805 Living Magazine! Check it out on page 78 with a little write up on page 79, here's the link to the online version. Find the paper copy outside of Blue Table Wine and Cheese Bar at the Wizard (Whizin) Market Square in Agoura Hills.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Yestarday I had a friend mention that she uses lavender for dealing with anxiety and that she wished she hadn't left her bottle of lavender essential oil at home because it was a stressful day. Gee, what a bummer I thought. Since this freind works in the Whizin Atrium where my perfumery is, I told her I had made a perfume using three lavenders from Ojai combined with three from France and that I would bring her over a little tub.

When I went back upstairs I prepared a little "Anxiety Relief "solid sample pack of three which included Vera (lavender & sage, master healers), Lyra (floral, feminine, soothing and relaxing) + Terrestre (earthy, grounding with some rose for the heart).

It seems that anxiety is quite a popular theme the last few weeks, at least here in the United States of Surrealism! Not only our many of us concerend about the future of "the land of the free" but many are having some sort of crisis financially, spiritually or an awakening bekoning them to live their life in a different manner.

The stress is likely to be compounded for those who don't spend much time in nature and or get their information from the corrupt media that is intent of fueling fear. Fueling fear was a manipulation tactic used during the Hitler regime as a means to control people. When people are in fear they are much easier to control.

An article I read last year in the National Institute of Health cited that anxiety disorders affect 18 percent of the adult population of the United States, or about 40 million people.

So, lets go over a few things that can facilitate some relief, beginning with dumping the news!

1. Breathing

When stress or fear enters our arena our breath will become shallow, shift to a rapid pace that feels like its going to jump out of our mouths or stop all together.

Awareness of our breath in those situations is the number one item to become conscious of. Number two is centering ourselves to harness our power and not only control the breath but also our emotional state. I see this as taming the AIR element that has gone awry. Breathing and out of control thoughts are like a tornado thrashing through our village. We want to command our inner cowboy/girl to lasso that tornado and use it later for something that will serve us, not destruction.

2. Daily Acts

Creating daily acts that nurture our spirit is critical. The most simple are getting in nature. If at all possible remove your shoes and walk or lie on the grass or the earth....or head to the ocean side.

3. Use authentic essential oils and essential oil rich products.

Fragrance oils ARE NOT essential oils! Essential oils come from plants, fragrance oils are derived from petroc-hemicals and or a combination of petro-chems and byproducts of other industries. I believe the current misconception between "fragrance oils" and "essential oils" might be from the usage of the term oil.

Many studies can scientifically validate essential oils, this one, indicates lavender reduces the human body’s stress response. While teaching aromatherapy to massage students in the 1990s I shared Hippocrates message, which I still do today "The way to health is to have a scented massage and an aromatic bath every day." That can be as simple as putting your feet in a bucket of warm water with a bit of salt and 8 drops of essential oil.

Here is another study that finds massage with lavender has the ability to lower blood pressure associated with stress.

4. Laughter

Spend time with people that make you laugh, if there aren't any around you then go out and find them! In easy way to do that is go to a Comedy Club, if that's not an option than find a copy of the Sunday comics. Don't bother with the rest of the newspaper, since that is basically fear based, depressing or makes us wish we made more money so we can buy more stuff we don't need.

5. Get lost in a good story that is uplifting and inspiring

My daughter and I have been watching The Crown on Netflix. Not only is this series really well written and beautiful but it always makes me feel good. There are lots of other great series out, in fact, loads of them. However, not many leave you feeling good. The other Netflix series I highly recommend is Chefs Table.

For more about stress relief check out this post here at the journal from December back in 2007!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Scent and the Honey Bee

A little over a month ago the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy hosted the second Beyond Aromatics Conference. This year it was held at University Salt Lake City University in Utah. Shortly after arriving and getting a quick bit to eat Greg and I headed over to the Red Butte Botanical Garden for a self guided tour with a group of attendees and presenters.

The following morning the conference began promptly at 8:30am until Sunday afternoon, followed by two post conference workshops on Monday. Greg and I exhibited our wares in the Trade Show section at a shared booth with The School for Aromatic Studies.

Aromatherapy conferences are generally very nurturing and inspiring events due to the all the healers and essential oils present. I loved getting into the elevator each day and smelling essential oils! We stayed at the University Guest House which was originally built for the athletes attending the 2002 Winter Olympics.

I really like Salt Lake City, it's very easy to use public transportation and friendly population. As we were riding the UTA Trax green line from the airport I spotted a sheriff car with a beehive on the side door. Turns out that the state symbol is the beehive! Since my workshop was titled Scent and the Honey Bee I saw this as a very auspicious symbol.

Most of our meals were at the University, which didn't quite compare to the organic meals served at Bastyr two years prior. Although I really liked Utah and the hospitality, the University garden and eco lodging at Bastyr was something really special. On Saturday evening Team Aromatic Studies and Greg piled into Jades rent a car and headed over to a spectacular Mazza Middle Eastern restaurant. I had a Pumpkin Kibbeh, a baked vegan dish with pumpkin, spinach, walnuts, bulgur, spices and aromatics. So good!

The conference featured the usual suspects of luminaries within the professional aromatherapy industry.  Jade was scheduled to speak on Breath of Life: Aromatic Medicine for the Respiratory System but in her own dynamic style switched her topic at the last minute.

We were treated to an artisan co-distillation of juniper and artemesia at Sunnyside Park just as the sun was starting to set. Just prior to getting on the bus, Cathy Skipper presented a fascinating introduction to Alchemy and Medicine of the Soul holding a wand throughout the entire lecture. I couldn't help but feel like she was Hermione from Harry Potter presenting to a group of peers at Hogworts.

The Gala Banquet was held at the Rice-Eccles Stadium, Scholarship Room high above the University of Utah Stadium just as the sun was beginning to set over the city. The ecclectic keynote address was by my dear friend and neighbor in Agoura, Dr. Habib Sadeghi.

Gabriel Mojay, one of my favorites, presented "In the Garden of Hecate: the TCM-energetics and Pharmacodynamics of Lavandula angustifolia Essential Oil in the Integrated Treatment of Anxiety and Anxious Depression."

I presented Scent and the Honey Bee at 8:30 on Sunday morning. The multi-media presentation included Vanishing of the Bees film footage generously donated by George Langworthy with Greg's orchestration of imagery to my words.

The presentation concluded with the orchestration of a "honey bee" inspired perfume using a sample set of essences donated by the generous Eden Botanicals. We are currently building a website for Scent and the Honey Bee, stay tuned for its debut with footage and content from the presentation.

Angela and Kristina, the gals from Uncommon Scents Movie, were at the conference filming interviews for their upcoming documentary about aromatherapy. I am humbled and absolutely thrilled to be part of their project. Below is a photo Greg took of me while they were sitting up for the shoot.

Pictured below is Team Aromatic Studies on Sunday just before lunch with Nancy Cyr (administration & support), Cathy Skipper (faculty), Heidi Nielsen (Canadian faculty), Jade Shutes (principal) and myself.

As with Beyond Aromatics I held at Bastyr two years prior, I feel so deeply grateful to continue to be part of this community! The Proceedings of the Beyond Aromatics II conference and the audio of each lecture will be available from NAHA, check their site for updates and to find an aromatherapist near you!

Follow this link for related posts here at the journal.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Feature and Perfume Course Giveaway

Eden Botanicals has an interview with me on their blog and is hosting a special giveaway of my course with the kit! Details on the giveaway is at the bottom of this post.

Want to learn about authentic botanical perfume, the history of healing and fragrance, alchemy, how to tap into your inner artist and learn to create scented potions from nature? Then don't miss your chance to win free access to the online course, 'Art of Botanical Perfume' created and designed by me for YOU! 

With a value of over $600, this one of a kind, multi-media course was designed with a feast of beautiful imagery along with extensive texts, links to external sources, a slide show, designed handouts, a fragrance wheel, videos and the special kit of 27 essential oils, absolutes and C02 extracts provided by Eden Botanicals.

For your chance to win free access to this course, like EdenBotanicals on Facebook or follow them on Instagram and comment on the 'Art of Botanical Perfume' post on their blog by 12/5/16. One winner will be randomly selected, good luck!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

An Updated Palette

Last Spring I had my color palette updated by the leader of the True Beauty Movement, Jennifer Butler. Shortly there after Jennifer asked join her in a series she offers. Here is the link to the public video, the other videos recorded on the same day, are available to her membership groups.

My color palette from ten years ago shifted slightly because of the pewter tones in my hair. I received a few new colors and tones which caused the the entire palette to change slightly. In the photo above the older palette is beneath the new palette.

There are other colors that work on me that are not in this palette or obvious. For example the golden amber hue I wore at the Scent of the Honey Bee presentation in Utah is one of the hues associated with my eyes. And there is a moss green hue Jennifer mentioned I could wear that is the light of my eyes. Pictured above is Heidi and I in front of the University of Salt Lake City Guest House on the last day of Beyond Aromatic conference.