Saturday, December 31, 2016

Best of 2016

The traditional way we view time feels very linear to me, think about it, from a western perspective time is usually associated with the beginning of something and an ending, like day to night or birth to death. However, the reality of it I believe is quite different, it's not a line with a point at the beginning and one at the end, its more like a a complex geometric form.

Two of my favorite films this year which hover around the topic of time are Dr. Strange and Arrival.
"Through the mystic arts, we harness energy and shape reality." Yes!

At a birthday party for a friend a few nights ago I was asked about goals for the new year, I sighed and answered that I wasn't much into goals. In my experience goals as targets are great, but, they are also very.....disappointing. So many times life has come in and made a mess of my goals, so I don't bother with them, at least in their traditional format. She answered: "Yes I understand. What about personal goals, like self mastery?" Ah, those are a bit better, and thus that's what I've been pondering. Meanwhile another friend told me to "Think bigger!" Which I am embracing like a large, fuzzy teddy bear. What about you?

All in all I'd say 2016 was a very challenging year. The most thrilling part for me was unveiling my online botanical perfume course and once again being a presenter once again at the Beyond Aromatics conference! I was also thrilled to see so many people vote for Bernie Sanders and look forward to even more expansive thinking in terms of politics even with a clown in office. One thing is for sure, it will be interesting! Since I'm not into the news and media most of it will probably roll off me like a ducks back, at least that the intention. Instead I'll focus on adding beauty to the world and connecting more people to nature and themselves.

Happy New Year and much gratitude to each and every one of you! Remember to breath and love more, and remember who you are and what you are here to offer to each other.

Friday, December 30, 2016

California Christmas

Here we are, another year, another Christmas and thus another chapter to share in this ongoing story of a girl named Roxana and her meandering, fragrant path. If you prefer to skip this intro, which includes some ranting about corporate control, then proceed to the picture of the wreath and begin reading from that point forward.

I was feeling more distraught than usual by the control the corporations have over individuals this year. This icky feeling is shared by many, more so than ever and  attempting to cut those strings as much as possible is something so many are working on. It was back in 2010 when I wrote a post here with a list of corporations we should be attempting to avoid. Regrettably some of those corporations have become even bigger, like enormous, creepy monsters with many tentacles. I've chosen to avoid that company as much as possible, even though it is beloved by most because of such great deals. Well, those great deals are costing us and if we are going to free ourselves from the grip of greedy, despicable conglomerates then we need to stop supporting them, NOW!

This year we decided to go with simplicity. We made gifts, purchased local, supported makers and decorated with eucalyptus leaves from our front yard. I brought the cypress tree that was purchased a few years back in to be our iconic tree for the season and used simple red ribbon, twine and plant matter on the packages. Simplicity felt right and also looked beautifully fresh.

Meanwhile at Marilyn's home in Hermosa Beach, decked with the her yearly cheerful festive decor. Lots of color and whimsy, especially when compared to our simplicity and subdued, earth toned palette from our nest in the woods.

The set up and our ritual was just like other years. Our backdrop: golden birds, poinsettias, candy canes, vintage santas and colorful packages with a backdrop of folk art...mid-century modern heaven.

After the mysterious group photo that we never see, the gift exchange with an interesting story about a hotel with rooms that cost $17,000 per night. We each speculated what one might get when spending $17,000 on a hotel room!

As usual, the most popular gifts were books and camera related items. I received a little tripod for my phone which will come in handy for those instagram videos shot at the perfumery.

After the presents it was time to prepare for the mid day feast!

Fruit salad prepared by Eve and the yearly ritual of sliced oranges at the end of the meal.

And of course, the California Christmas yearly tale would be incomplete without a photo of the cat with multiple names Roberto/Bob/Bobo, this year with is favorite catnip mouse toy.

Afterward the festivities Eve and I headed over to Santa Monica to see the film Jackie, a fascinating peek into the emotional life of Jacqueline Kennedy after the assassination of her husband President John F. Kennedy.

California Christmas posts:

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Seven Years Ago

Greg and I were married on this day in Topanga Canyon surrounded by California oaks, the vast blue sky and the pacific ocean in the distance.

We created an intimate ceremony weaved with elements of the alchemical marriage, read more at this post here at the journal.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Pop Up at Vital Hemp in Santa Monica

Thursday evening Greg and I will be joining a host of local talents, including the natural fiber clothing line b by donna. m at the Vital Hemp store on Main Street in Santa Monica. The owner Ron Alcalay is bringing the raw chocolates of by O’Cacao!, organic Tulsi tea lattes with hemp milk and honey, a food truck with coconut ice cream and wine.

This wonderful event supports local makers and artisans in the company of wonderful beings from the community as we gather to celebrate. Please share the goodness and get the word out to fellow members who appreciate and support eco, conscious, green businesses.

Vital Hemp
2305 Main Street
Santa Monica, California 90405 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Donna M

I am thrilled to finally have Donna M coming to the perfumery with her domestically designed and produced collection. Like me, Donna is producing the materials that she works with, from the fabrics to the finishing! All fabrics are exclusively knitted in Los Angeles to her precise specifications and sewn in our very own factory.

Each item is “GARMENT DYED”, which means they are pre-shrunk to keep their shape, color, fit and longevity for years to come due to the unique fabric and dye technique!

Besides all that good stuff, they feel and wear magnificently. The styles can go from day to evening, from yoga to work to dinner—all while feeling comfortable and beautiful. In the photo above I am on the right wearing head to toe Donna M in "Antique Brass" which is the lights of my eyes. Ideally what I should have done is paired the warm honey tone with a cool color like a shade of my red or purple to bring in the balance of my eye to hair relationship.

Other festivities taking place within the Whizin Market Square include:
  • Photo booth
  • Live band
  • Food drive
  • Restaurant food sampling

So, head on over, right around the corner from Paramount Ranch, one of the locations where West World was filmed! We look forward to seeing all your smiling faces!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Meet the Makers at the Perfumery on Saturday!

Hello dear devotees of nature scents and beauty,
let's celebrate what makes us unique, what makes us human!

This holiday season let's ring in the green and support makers.
I invite you to gather with artisans and creatives, those inspiring
individuals who conjure stories, poetic melodies
and create beauty to lift and brighten our day.

In the spirit of the season and a vibrant inspiring community,
come join us this Saturday, as I open the doors of the perfumery
for a collective day of cheer at Whizin Market Hall.

10 am to 6 pm
Join in the cheer, feel the love, laugh and enjoy!

Greg and I will be available to assist you with visual and scented delights
The fabulous Donna M is here with her gorgeous wares from 12pm - 4pm
Roxana Illuminated Perfume
upstairs in the mezzanine of the Atrium

Fellow sellers throughout the Market Square will be open
Wine and Cheese Hour in the Atrium 4pm - 6pm

Whizin Market
28914 Roadside Drive
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Just off the 101, plenty of parking, unique boutiques and delicious food.

Monday, December 5, 2016

We are featured in 805 Magazine!

Our natural botanical perfume flacons have been beautifully photographed in a feature within the December issue of 805 Living Magazine! Check it out on page 78 with a little write up on page 79, here's the link to the online version. Find the paper copy outside of Blue Table Wine and Cheese Bar at the Wizard (Whizin) Market Square in Agoura Hills.