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As Noted: Chocolate 1 & 2

In January a list of ingredients and notes was posted here at the journal to explain the distinction between the word "note" in a perfume vs "ingredient". The list also serves those inquiring what is contained within each Illuminated Perfume. The entry is called As Noted and can be located here at this link.

Today's entry is the second part of the original post, illuminating the notes in first and second tier of the Chocolate Solid Natural Perfume series.

Let's begin with the natural base materials:
  • Golden Jojoba Seed Oil.
  • Organic, unfiltered Beeswax.
  • Cocoa Butter.
  • Cocoa Powder.
  • Theobroma cacao extract from South America.
  • Essential Oils, Absolutes, Concretes and C02 extracts primarily from plant matter. The only essences that are not from plants are: Beeswax, Honey, Seashells and Seaweed. I utilize "whole" essences in keeping with the concept of Gaia and Holistic Aromatherapy.
  • My own plant infusions.

What I do not use:
  • No animal ingredients, nor do I test on animals.
  • No isolates, as stated above I only use "whole" essence.
  • No synthetic fragrances.
  • No petrochemicals.
  • No parabens.
  • No phthalates.
  • No artificial colors.
To help broaden knowledge of what botanical perfume, here is a link at this journal outlining some key points: Botanical Perfume: A Comprehensive Definition.

For the aromatic component of each of the Chocolate perfumes I created an accord of essential oils, Co2 extracts and absolutes. A soliflore, meaning one flower in French, is a term used to describe a composed perfume dominated by one single flower, such as Gardenia or Jasmine. These chocolate perfumes are like more a soliflore in that they celebrate one note, but, the main note of chocolate is also combined with other notes such as Rose, Orange, etc.

Roxana Illuminated SOLID Chocolate Perfumes, Tier 1

Figure 1: Noir Deep, dark and mysterious with a strong musk note.
Fragrance family: GOURMAND
Notes: Musk, Chocolate
Main Ingredient: Patchouli

Figure 2: Cerise Succulent cherry weaved with a base of rich chocolate.
Fragrance family: GOURMAND, FRUITY
Notes: Fruit, Chocolate
Main Ingredient: Seabuckthorne

Figure 3: La Forêt A dense conifer forest meets an ocean of chocolate.
Fragrance family: GOURMAND, CONIFER, WOOD
Notes: Fir, Chocolate
Main Ingredient: Spruce

Figure 4: L'Orangerie Mouth watering citrus in a base of rich chocolate.
Fragrance family: GOURMAND, CITRUS
Notes: Orange, Chocolate
Main Ingredient: Orange

Figure 5: Bois de Chocolat Smokey woods and chocolate.
Fragrance family: GOURMAND, WOOD
Notes: Wood, Smoke, Chocolate
Main Ingredients: A variety of Cedarwood and Cypress essences.

Figure 6: Épices Spice, a hint of vanilla and chocolate.
Fragrance family: GOURMAND, SPICE
Notes: Spice, Chocolate and Vanilla
Ingredients include: Coriander, Ginger, Cardamon and Balsam

Praise for the first tier of the Chocolates can be found online here:

Roxana Illuminated SOLID Chocolate Perfumes, Tier 2

The second tier, or phase, of the chocolate perfumes continues with the fusion of cacao with such botanical wonders as Rose, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Vanilla Orchid Bean and Moss.

Figure 7: Pétales The classic combination of Chocolate and Roses.
Fragrance family: GOURMAND, FLORAL
Notes: Rose, Chocolate
Main Ingredient: Indian Rose Edward

Figure 8: Coeur de Jasmin Rich heart of Jasmine enveloped by Chocolate.
Fragrance family: GOURMAND, FLORAL
Notes: Jasmin, Chocolate
Main Ingredient: Jasmine Sambac and Grandiflorum

Figure 9: Fleurs de Orange A buzz with Orange blossom flowers and honey.
Fragrance family: GOURMAND, FLORAL, CITRUS
Notes: Orange blossoms, Chocolate
Ingredients include: Orange Blossom Absolute, Neroli and Blood Orange

Figure 10: Blanc A milk chocolate truffle featuring the Vanilla Orchid Bean at center stage.
Fragrance family: GOURMAND, VANILLA
Notes: Vanilla Orchid Bean, Chocolate
Main Ingredient: Vanilla Absolute

Figure 11: Chêne A tribute to the mighty and sacred Oak.
Wood, resin, aloeswood and moss.
Fragrance family: GOURMAND, WOOD
Notes: Wood, Resin, Oud, Moss, Chocolate
Ingredients include: Wood, Oud and Lichen

These creamy artisan delicacies are available in a myriad of forms from clustered samples, individual truffles and a variety of box sets. The best place to access all of these is this direct link to the bounty of chocolate natural perfume confections.

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