Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Bees are Back!

The infamous bee locket has returned in three different hues. I listed one last night that sold within a few hours in purple. I have ordered the standard purple, a new vivid green and a teal that is slightly more rich than the one from the last batch.

To have these made first I create the image in photoshop, in this case the image was made in synergy with my husband Greg. I rescale and resize the image to fit the locket and then I go in and start adjusting colors. Since I stay within the confides of my color palette there isn't a whole lot to choose from thus the purple, tea and green. The green starts to move
out of my palette a bit, but, I have a sense that it will be a good color this year. We will see, I'm very curious. I also contemplated doing a burgundy and pale rose tone. What do you think dear readers? What colors do you wish to see these in? Once I have printed out all the sheets with multiple images I send those along to Lori, my jewelry craftwoman and she does the rest.

Besides the lockets the little art deco brass bee pictured below will be returning as well. I made prints in the purple, vivid green and teal for that style well. The image of the new lot uses the newer logo and a little sweet little bail connectors detail As soon as I receive them I'll be doing a photo shoot. Look forward to sharing these with each of you.

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