Monday, April 12, 2010

Ending week festvities

The past two weeks have been spent in much artistic splendor while my daughter Eve has been on her Spring break. We did a variety of creative and fun tasks together including cooking, painting, shopping, looking through old family photos, contemplating items for the house design, watching films, listening to books on tape, taking photos and drooling over pretty things at such wonder filled places like Anthropology.

Sunday morning we decided to venture once again to the Rose Bow flea market. I think this will become a monthly excursion for us. I very much like walking around looking for treasures. It's also a darn good place to people watch. During our excursion a Style Blog approached Eve to do a spontaneous film interview. They asked her about what she was wearing and her personal style, including who are her style icons? What a great question! I've been pondering how I would answer this question and will share soon.

Last month at the Rose Bowl flea market I found a small "shabby chic" type shelving unit for my studio. This time I found a sweet wrought iron bird bath that I will use as a prop for photos and events as well as in the garden. As I mentioned back in September I am shifting the style of our home and the finds at the Rose Bowl are great additions to our "Bountiful" style.

That night we choose to make "Pan de Yuca" once again, we made these delicious little rolls back in August after returning from Eucador. Yuca is a popular staple in the diet of the subtropics. While we were in Ecuador last summer we were served the root regularly. Yuca root is derived from the woody shrub Manihot esculenta, also termed Cassava. To make the Pan de Yuca look for Yuca flour at Latin markets, it can also be found at specialty stores as Tapioca flour, which is the same thing.

Ecuador: Hacienda, Into the Amazon, Amazona, Cotopaxi, Indigenous #1 and #2, Orcidarium
Bountiful in Venice
Rose Bowl Flea Market (be warned the link has a loud obnoxious ad, turn volume off or low)

Images: Photos taken at Bountiful in Venice, Anthropology in Pasadena and a clothing store in Glendale ©RVilla


Carol said...

Beautiful photos! How wonderful to spend such a lovely spring break with your daughter.

Illuminated Perfume said...

It was such a nice Spring Break, sorry to see that it is over. Thanks so much Frida.