Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wabbits in the Woodlands

In these wood land hills we spot little white, furry tailed bunnies regularly. Especially at twilight amongst the leaf litter of the native oak trees. There has been quite a lot of development in our area over the last ten years which has impacted the native flora and fauna quite a bit.

Most notable has been the lack of native quail. In the past we would see entire families of quail wondering about our land and surrounding area. The biggest impediment for the local wildlife with all the building is the removal of the oaks combined with everyone fencing off their property.

Here in the perfume apothecary I spotted a bunny among my solid perfumes, specifically Cimbalom. At first I thought it must be the Easter bunny, especially after spotting the little brown Rabbit with the chocolate perfumes!

Turns out the bunnies name is Barbara, an obvious lover of natural perfumes. In the meantime, not knowing where she'll turn up next, I've hid my stock of carrot seed and parsley essential oil.