Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A solid expression of Vera

The word Vera, meaning true, is the Latin binomial for lavender in the linguistic terminology of plants. This natural perfume expertly weaves several types of lavender with notes of white sage, fresh mown hay, orange blossom and a salty ocean breeze.

Vera liquid botanical perfume was first unveiled at the Ojai Lavender Festival in June 2007 when I was invited to be the keynote speaker. The introduction of the second perfume in the California series arrived on the same day that the formal website and blog were launched. It was a very exciting day as I finally stepped into the world of aromatics as a botanical perfume artist.

"There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
~ Anais Nin

The solid expression of Vera debuts with the full moon this Thursday, May 27th, almost three years since the liquid graced us with her illustrious bouquet. Luxurious and creamy the unguent contains the same accords and has a very similar aromatic profile which remains very true to the liquid.

The evocative fragrance is an ode to the herbaceous bouquet of lavender and sage from the Ojai Valley in Southern California. Regionally distilled herbs harmonize with a floral heart and infused oils from local flora. For the base I have used beeswax from my own consciously cared for bees and from the grower/distiller of the essences and plant infused raw materials contained within Vera. The painting of the fragrance thus is very wholistic and true to Ojai.

"We don’t have a language for the senses.
Feelings are images, sensations are like musical sounds."

~ Anais Nin

Fragrance family: HERBAL, FOUGERE
Notes: California & French Lavender, Sage, Bay, Citrus, Wood, Resin, Bees Honeycomb, Hay, Oakmoss and hand infused Lavender from an organic farm in Ojai. There are over forty pure essences in this complex lavender perfume.

As I sat down to draw the preliminary sketches for Vera I began with a traditional cologne formula from there I choose to weave in aspects of the Indigenous people of California. Known as the Chumash tribe they inhabited the coastal region of California between Malibu and San Luis Obispo. The Chumash lived in harmony with the land sustaining themselves primarily from the sea and the oaks. As I read this I choose to expand the narrative to include notes from the sea such as seaweed, choya (distilled sea shells) and wood.

Vera solid natural perfume arrives in an American made, antique finish metal compact contained in a purple haute couture crocheted pouch. I pour each solid perfume into a separate tin that fits inside the antique finished metal compact. This ensures lasting performance of this pure, natural, botanical perfume. This insures that the vintage gets better with age.

The crochet pouch and the enhancements on our box have all been created by hand. Solid mini samples are also available individually or in sample packs.

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