Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Spring Bouquet

The moon is full on Thursday May 27th at 7:07pm Eastern time. To coincide with this lunar splendor and the May Flowers blogging event three solid natural perfumes will be available: Vera, Rosa and Page 47. Reviews, impressions and giveaways of them will also be available that day.

Vera and Rosa will finally have their complimentary solid format. It's taken me awhile to recreate all the necessary accords/chords that are within the formulas of these two native Divas. The leather accord found in Rosa contains multiple accords, like worlds within worlds. I have also infused plant material from Ojai to go in these.

Page 47, originally released for a limited time back in August, finally returns. Although originally the color vibration for the little mini pot was "gold" I have found a lovely pearlescent white to match the antique white crochet pouches.

The purple wax for Vera I have had for some time now, where as the rosy pink hue for Rosa was quite a challenge to find. In the end I did locate the right tone, however, it is a bit too similar to the current color of Terrestre. Thus this requires shifting so that there is no confusion for the folks who get the mini pots with the bee stamp.

Terrestre's new color harmony is like the color of a cooper penny.

All these details take a lot of time and energy, especially when you are a one person sweat shop gleefully working 24/7. Although they debut on May 27th I will be sending samples to a few devoted patrons this week.

Photos ©Roxana Villa, Angel at top was photographed on Christmas Day at the home of Marilyn and John Neuhart.

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Princess Ellie said...

They sound wonderful having Vera and Rosa as a solid. I am excited to order the samples. As you know I really liked page 47. It is a wonderful bright sunny Jasmine. Truely a beautiful and feminine.