Thursday, June 3, 2010

Makes Me Happy

Tea every morning....and just about all the time, rain or shine, night or day. Preferably Earl Grey with some artisan honey and milk please.

Botanical perfume, natural perfume and plant sage, plumeria, the native California rose, jasmine sambac and more. Lately I've been really getting into bee related smells. Their hive, honey, beeswax, etc. Love their natural musk perfume...pure fume.

Speaking of bees....gosh, I am totally smitten and honored to be assisting in their survival here on planet Earth. I heard recently that Rudolf Steiner called them "Love Incarnate" and that they are the facilitators of Paradise on Earth.

A great story...whether a book, a film or told by a great bard. Some of my favs are Great Expectations the 1998 film version by Alfonso CuarĂ³n, Phillip Pullmans His Dark Materials (the book), The Hours (film and book), Perfume: A story of a Murderer (the book), and Love in the Garden (book). I'm sure there are more but I am anxious to get to work so I'll stop with these.

California oaks, specifically the natives from the chaparral that go by Quercus agrifolia and Quercus lobata. What splendid trees, another endangered species like the honey bee.

Travel. I've had the fortune to travel since the age of three. Lately, due to this ridiculous economic crisis, my travel adventures are not as abundant as usual. The last one was Ecuador, I am intending Paris and London, Hawaii, Egypt, Argentina and the list goes on.

PreRaphaelite art, I think my favorite artist of that brotherhood is Waterhouse, I think.

Thanks to Jess at Epheriell Designs who nudged me to do this. Now I am off to work on wonderful smelly things for you. Are you following your bliss today? What Makes you Happy? Do a post like this, leave a comment with a link and make sure to link it up at the Epheriell Designs blog.

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JessicaVanDen said...

Oh, I adore Waterhouse too! Thanks so much for joining in on Makes Me Happy :D