Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Narative Art Exhibition

I am one of the contributing sixty five artists at the Survey Select Narrative Art Exhibition. The event has been organized by art lover/promoter and designer Mark Murphy. Over the years Mark has organized many events with artists including the Heaven and Hell collaborative exhibition, held at the Abbey church in San Diego, (which included 110 paintings, fashion show, belly dancing, burlesque...) The piece I contributed to Heaven and Hell is titled H2 Illuminated.

My training as a conceptual illustrator is evident in how I formulate and conceptualize a natural perfume. Perfume becomes another tool of artistic expression. Creating perfumes with pure plant material brings me closer to the plant world than creating drawings and paintings. Albeit I still love making visual imagery.

Instead of illustrating for magazines, books, etc. now I create narrative perfumes. Olfactory stories, illuminated perfumes, working intimately with prima materia, plant matter. Shortly I will share about my contribution to this project, in the meantime make sure to RSVP to opening on July 15th.

Image by Kevin Paulsen, one of the talented artists participating in the show.


indieperfumes said...

Great -- and I love this illustrator you chose to show us too. That transparent black is quite nice

Illuminated Perfume said...

Isn't Kevin's work sublime Lucy! I hope to meet him at the show or perhaps one day in Kansas City. His work reminds me of early Lane Smith, one of my buddies from NYC illustration days.