Friday, August 6, 2010

Comic Con: Around the Booths

Normally while at Comic Con I spend much more time wondering the floor and checking out what friends, artists and fellow comrades are working on. These year was a little different in that I didn't get out much except for early mornings before the doors of the hall opened.

Tara McPherson, one of Eve's fav artists and a great example of Artist As Brand.

The Hi Fructose booth had a super nice display with lots of high quality printed books
and oddities to tempt you.

Cool, suave retro design by Ragnar. His 320-page retrospective book Eponymonstrous is published and available through Brand Studio Press.

Over at our old stomping ground, the Allen Spiegel Fine Art booth
Barron Story taking a break with Clair McKean.

The yearly lego display featured Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

Who needs to leave the booth when you have fine folk like Jeff Soto coming by to see us!
Jeff, pictured above on the left, has a really great painting in the Survey Select Show
down the street on Imperial at the Wonder Bread Factory. The painting is titled Matterhorn.

Sometimes the views outside the hall were just as interesting as inside.
Check out this fellow his pants match his artwork!


Unknown said...

I love all these photos! How fun. Right now, I am wearing your "Cimbalom" perfume and I LOVE IT! I got it in a little batch of 3 and the 2 others were promptly stolen by friends. I had to hide this one or it would be gone! I love your shop, the gorgeous designs, your bee pendants and all the rest! Fabulous!

Illuminated Perfume said...

Hi Rowan, I'm wearing Cimbalom today too! Sorry to hear your friends took your other two little pots, at least you now know what to get them for the Holidays.