Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gathering Blue

Sometimes when I sit to write a post for the blog I find myself in a chaos of inspired imagery leading me from one thing to another in a frenzied state. I usually can tell from the energy of it that there will be an interesting intersection transpiring at some point. All I need to do is faithfully follow it, even if the end does not reveal itself immediately.

Such was the case yesterday morning, just after returning from taking Eve over to the Theatricum Botanicum for her first performance of Much Ado About Nothing. I checked in at Etsy to see what was happening with sales at my shop and was mesmerized by a beautiful photo. The image, by artisan Lisa Jordan, was of a cluster of felted acorns on wood with an autumn leaf (pictured above). I hearted the photo and began to build an Etsy treasury inspired by the image titled A Rich Patina for Autumn.

As is the case when I make treasuries I contact the featured individuals to alert them that they are in the treasury. I then went about the very busy day with the intention to photograph Q solid perfume in a way that captured some of the feel of Lisa Jordan's felted acorn image. I went outside in the late afternoon looking for a piece of wood to bring into the house for the shoot. Instead I found a log that I was using in the garden as a design element amongst the native plants. Since the bottom of the log was covered with dirt, spiders and leaves I choose to do the photo shoot outside. Here are the results...

Today, while editing the above photos, I received back a thank you message from Lisa. I clicked on her shop buttom within the convo and decided to send her the new photo of Q solid natural perfume that she inspired. We got into a little message exchange which led me to her lil fish blog and opened the duirway to Ms. Jordan's vibrant artistic life. Upon seeing her post on a natural dye bath with mushroom and lobster I immediately knew I had met a kindred spirit, in fact her dye baths look like my tinctures and infusion! Reading about her process made me think of one of my favorite novels Gathering Blue, which spiraled down another worm hole.

This bridge led me to discover that Lois Lowry, the author of Gathering Blue, has a blog and that she was inspired by my compatriot Jorge Luis Borges when she wrote The Giver.

So much beauty and interweaving creative the richly colored robe that Kira finds herself restoring in Gathering Blue.

Images: Verdigris copper and wool felted acorns by Lisa Jordan, Etsy treasury titled "A Rich Patina for Autumn" and Q Natural Solid Perfume photos by Roxana Villa.


Lisa at lil fish studios said...

I'm so happy to have been on your wandery path. What a pleasure to meet you.

betsy bensen said...

love these photos, Roxana!

Illuminated Perfume said...

Lisa, you are such an inspiration, a weaver of beauty!

Illuminated Perfume said...

Thank you Betsy, I really appreciate the feedback! xo