Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Scent of the Day: Grace

In the midst of pouring a 1 gram vial of Gracing the Dawn for a customer I decided to put some on since I hadn't worn this one in over a week. Today I am experiencing some spice black pepper notes in the opening which I hadn't picked up on before.

As I walked from my studio into my husband's he remarked, "Wow, something smells REALLY good!" I thought, hmmm, could it be? So I put my wrist out for him to smell, his second remark, "That's a beautiful one." Conclusion: Gracing the Dawn has some nice silage girlfriends.

Apologies to all the members of the Faery Ring, your samples are going out in the next few days. I got hung up on making your packages really pretty visually.

Image: Violet tincture on antique postcard ©RoxanaVilla

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