Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Radiance of the Moon

"I rise through the strength of Mi-cha-el, Light of the Sun, Radiance of the Moon, Splendor of Fire, Swiftness of Wind, Depth of Sea, Stability of Earth, Firmness of Rock. Mi-cha-el!"
- St. Patrick

Happy Michelmas! It's the feast day marking the end of the harvest with the yearly play at our Waldorf School. My intention had been to have made a loaf of Dragons Bread so that we could slay the dragon with our knife and spread the slices with blackberry jam. This is one of the customs in the early grades of Waldorf education. I so love the symbolism connected with Michelmas and the slaying of the dragon lurking deep within us.

Many of the holy days throughout the quilt of spiritual traditions have started their ceremonies of honoring the light as we here in the northern hemisphere move into the dark of the season. These ceremonies, often celebrated with the lighting of candles, will continue for many months to come.

Thus dearest readers I wish you much courage and compassion with slaying your own inner demons. Some of the essential oils that are most often associated with courage are those of the trees such as Spruce, Fir, Pine and Cedarwood. I am partial to Frankincense, albeit blended with other tree essences is quite splendid as well. Of the Illuminated line I recommend Chaparral or Sierra, both of these are rich with the essences mentioned above. Best of all though is to follow your intuition with what makes the light within you shine brightest.

Image: Michelmas from a German manuscript, circa 1300

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