Saturday, January 1, 2011

Into the New!

Intending happy times ahead as we leave twenty ten behind us and sail in twenty eleven. The year 2011 in numerology adds up to a numerical Universal Year of 4 (2+0+1+1) or a 13 (2+11), depending which methodologies most appeal to you.

By using the numerology system at the Spiritually Speaking column I calculated that my personal transformation number for the year which is #1 associated with the Major Arcana Tarot Card: The Fool. This is particularly fascinating to me as I have been pondering this card quite a bit lately.

Those who step out of "The Tribe" are often perceived as fools because they function to the beat of a different drummer. That rhythm and beat for me are those of my heart, this pisses off quite a lot of people who want me to conform. Oh well, I'm suppose to avoid being headstrong this year so I'll stop now.

Some of the intentions for Roxana Illuminated Perfume that I am willing to share here in this public forum include:

Page 47 Liquid Botanical Perfume
GreenWitch Solid Natural Perfume
Body Butters
Updating the website

In fabrication are two new perfumes, one is based on a leather accord and the other is a honey bee inspired fragrance. Components for these upcoming perfumes have been in the works for a couple years. Several other perfumes, alliances and projects are underway but shall remain secret for now.

I continue to look for local and eco friendly sources with my packaging. This year I found the organic muslin pouches for the solid perfume minis and some really pretty vintage and eco friendly ribbon. I'm constantly on the lookout for upgrading while remaining true to luxe, my style, color palette and the environment. This criteria added to limited funds makes things extremely challenging.

Most of the trend reports seem to be pretty bleek (sigh) although I did see mentioned that a green lifestyle continue to be on the rise as well as a spiritual approach to living. In regards to a potential epidemics and/or pandemics, I recommend ignoring the stupidity in the news and focusing on: vital healthy foods, exercise, breathing clean air, taking aromatherapy baths, and surrounding oneself with positive nurturing people. Personally I find that staying away from the news is the best medicine. If you don't know this already the three major news sources are also weapon manufacturers. Read more about this at the Addicted to War website.

Some interesting numerological days in 2011 include:
  • ‘Π (Pi) Day’ falls on March 14, 2011
  • Friday the 13th, on May 13, 2011
  • October 23 rd, 2011, or ‘Mole Day’
Happy New Year everyone!!

Numerology in 2011 Year
Spiritually Speaking


Lydia said...

I for one am extremely glad that you march to the beat of your heart. I hope it doesn't sound hokey, but your fragrances are much more than just a lovely scent to me; I find wearing them calming, nurturing and uplifting.

Best wishes for a happy and successful 2011, Roxana.

Vintage Lady said...

I am happy to know about your prospects. I find through your blogs a lot of peace and mysticism, this is exactly a part of perfumes that is almost never spoken about. Perfumes are sensuality but not just this. At least this is what I feel, plus they make me feel good, so about honeybees it is going to be a scent I will have to test. This year I am going to try by all means to stay up to date.

Much Love

Princess Ellie said...

I am so excited about the body butters, they sound luxurious. I would also love the liquid of Page 47 and the solid of Greenwitch. Thank you for the wonderful updates on the adventures to come. Angie

Illuminated Perfume said...

Hey sweet hearts, thank you for visiting, your supportive and encouraging words and patronage. I'm so very grateful for your presence in my fragrant life. Cheers to manifesting a year of new possibilities!

mermaiden said...

may 2011 be especially magical for you. your work is amazing, may it flourish and be nourished.

Illuminated Perfume said...

Thank you MerMaiden, I look forward to this coming May, weeeee!