Monday, January 10, 2011


Eve has been cleansing for just over a week now, thus the inactivity her at the illuminated journal. First she had a fever which turned into a cough which progressed into a sore throat. The fever disppeared but the throat infection raged on accompanied first with an ear infection on one side followed by the other side with pink eye manifesting in one eye and then the other.

Kidding! Talk about going through a gauntlet for both mommy and daughter. She is just about out of it now and I am happy to report the healing has transpired with no visits to the doctor or any big pharma drugs. The medicines were all plant and mineral based and some of them smelled and tasted really nice.

The regimen included herbal teas, baths, steam inhalations, garlic oil ear drops, lavender hydrosol compresses for the eyes and ear,neck and foot massages with aromatherapy blends. Garlic and onion has been our friends in soups along with ginger and lemon in tea.

My training in aromatherapy as well as classes I've taken in herbalism and anthropological medicine really come in handy during these incidents. Last time Eve had this intense of an illness was when she was three. We survived without any synthetic antibiotics then and did it this time once again.

Before Florence Nightingale set up a standard for nursing and the care of illness stems way back to midwife and what some called witches. Regrettably much of this wisdom was lost during the burning times as men and western medicine took over.

For more information on home remedies check out this post here at the journal titled Good food = Good medicine.

I've got lots to share with you all, more in the morrow peeps.

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