Friday, January 21, 2011

The Y Factor

Last Sun Day we had the biggest meet up yet of our Backwards Beekeepers group. The interest in holistic bee keeping is on the rise with lots of very diversity in the group. Just remember, as Captain Kirk says "All bees are democrats!" and "Backwards is the new Forwards."

Here' some shots from the meeting, you can see more at the Backwards Beekeeping Bee Human blog at this link.

Kirk inspecting the hive that didn't make it this winter. The bee keeper is going to leave her hive as is with the intention of attracting another one while she waits for another swarm capture or cut out.

Kirk brought along his bees wax which he keeps in a crock pot he got at a local thrift store for $5. Many of the new and upcoming beekeepers used it to coat their starter strips.

Looking for the Y factor in honeycomb with fellow bee keeper and friend Ruth. What's the Y factor, look....

See that little upside down Y in the cell of the new, white honey comb above, that's the Y factor. According to Dee Lusby, the mother of Organic Bee Keeping, setting up your hive with the correct Y factor is important to the bee and hive sustainability.

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