Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The warm, sunny weather got me out into the garden to do some much needed clean up and weeding. While there, in the midst of green and the smell of the earth I noticed abundant signs of Spring. The sage is blooming, the birds and bees are out in droves, new natives have sprouted on the front slope, the violets are once again blooming and the Matilja poppy plant looks like it will give us flowers this year.

In the studio things are crazy and in a states of flux and chaos. I have multiple perfume projects going on along with the daily task of promotion/marketing, ordering supplies, making and packing perfume, accounting, etc., etc. It's a wonder creativity has a chance to sneak into the panorama, but, the muse is present and has planted many ideas into the fertile spaces of my mind.

Although I only mentioned a few perfume and product launches for the year, many are under way and will appear on the horizon shortly. I'm keeping much of these under wraps until actual debut.

In the meantime, today I have the book keeper coming by and a bounty of orders to get out, thus, I wish you all a beautiful day from the sunny and warm City of Angels.

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