Friday, February 11, 2011

Bee Season

Several indicators have turned up signaling the start of the honey bee season. The first is Captain Kirk alerting us to rains followed by warmth and sunshine and secondly pollen levels are up and my allergies have kicked in.

Here at our little woodland abode we've prepared a new area up on the top slope under one of the oaks for a new hive. We are curious if the golden alchemists will be happier up there away from humans, wireless devices and in more sunshine.

Thus, on this day devoted to Venus, my dear friend Meghan and I will be treking out to LA Honey to pick up suppllies. Meghan has appeared often on this blog, she is at the core of my interest in native plants and I must say I absolutely adore spending time with her. We will be setting up hives on her property in Malibu Lakes. It's an ideal location for the honey bees since her land is right on the edge of Malibu State Park which is abundant with the California native flora that the honey bees adore.

I'll be back to report on our adventures soon. I'm super excited because I will be getting my bee suit today, finally!! Wish you all a marvelous day as we go into the weekend.

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