Thursday, February 3, 2011

A New Green Cloak for Spring

The last batch of the solid perfume synergy for Q ran out. As I pondered the formula and moved to make more I choose to reassemble the composition with an intention of creating a few subtle shifts. Sometimes when a fragrance formula gets translated from a liquid to a solid state the fragrance will shifts. Mind you, this doesn't always happen, only sometimes. For example Lyra and Aurora have the same ingredients in the solid and liquid synergy bases and the expression in aroma is almost exact. There is also the added element of the beeswax aroma in the solid embodiment.

Sierra Solid Gold is the only one that has a different formula from the liquid, not hugely different but the prosperity chord contained within really shifts the aroma into a much more gourmand space.

When I first made Q solid I was bothered by the difference between the liquid and the solid. I much preferred the liquid. The aroma in the solid was a little too smokey and heavy for my taste and didn't have some of the beauty and subtle qualities that the liquid possessed. Thus, in making more of the synergy I altered a few things and am super happy with the results!

The original Q solid natural perfume contained a complex wood chord that I first constructed in 2001 and fifteen other botanical essences. In the new synergy I decreased the amount of two of the heavy, smokier ingredients and added a sixteenth. Since the base is now lighter some of the beautiful heart notes have more space to breath and express themselves, this has also triggered more sillage of the fragrance.

As you can see I follow my nose with my product line, despite the fact that sales for Q solid were just fine I choose to shift it because of my own preference. This is the main difference that you will find with a uber niche perfumer who has no investors to answer, only a very lively art spirit with a zest for aromatic perfection. Although must say investor funding does sound appealing but not if it at the expense of authentic expression and integrity.

I am thrilled with the results and look forward to the feedback from the fan base. Enjoy the new green cloak of Q for Quercus agrifolia. How auspicious, the other native oak Quercus lobata, a deciduous tree, has lost all its leaves and is about to debut it's new cloak for the Spring.

For further reading about Q perfume and it's construction here is a list hosted on this blog with reviews and related features.

All photos ©Roxana Villa, Q illumination has been created by Greg Spalenka and is ©Greg Spalenka and Roxana Villa

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