Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rangeland Honey

Gather and taste wild honeys from bees foraging native plants in the Arizona rangelands while supporting local organic beekeeper, Dee Lusby. Learn about the history of mead making & try your hand at wild mead making!

Sunday, Feb 13th
836 north 11th avenue 4-6pm

$20/person includes some light foraged snacks and tastings of honeys and aged wild mead.

All interested in making mead should bring 3 empty wine bottles(or similar bottles with necks), a cup of the best honey they've tasted and a 1 quart glass jar.

Ecological (since 1888) Arizona Rangeland Honey from Dee Lusby of Moyza/Arivaca will be available for purchase as well as airlocks.

Arizona Rangeland Honey, produced by beekeeper Dee Lusby, is from bees that live in the remote desert rangeland of southern Arizona. These bees forage entirely on wild desert flowers and blooming trees on ranches and wildlife preserves, far from cultivated agriculture. The honey that they produce is very thick (around 14% moisture content) with a natural crystal that ranges
from smooth and creamy to slightly crunchy as the seasons progress. The flavors and textures of each barrel of honey vary by bee yard location and time of season but generally have a unique buttery undertone with hints of caramel and citrus.

Questions? Contact Nance.

Image ©RoxanaVilla, honey bee painting on parchment, signed prints available.

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