Monday, March 21, 2011

A Song for Spring

The Sacred Earth wheel has turned once again this time arriving with a gift from the deep teal taverns of the sea. GreenWitch, the gift for Tethys, has manifested in a creamy solid unguent heralding in the Spring.

Enhanced with the potent sunlight energetics of beeswax the solid perfume expression of GreenWitch embodies all that we love in the liquid and more. The melodic notes of the siren are slightly softened with a resinous heart beat. GreenWitch as a solid sings the song of the sea in a different tone, despite the same synergestic orchestration of accords and botanical essences.

For the base of the perfume Jojoba seed oil has been infused with Hawththorn leaves and flowers as well as Seaweed. The oil is combined with unfiltered, local beeswax and the same pure, natural essences contained within the liquid. The list of these essences is vast, including several accords as well as accords within accords. Read more about the Making of GreenWitch by following this ink here at the journal.

Using authentic language GreenWitch is not a botanical perfume but a natural perfume both as a solid and a liquid. This is due to the minuscule percentage of Africa stone in one of the accords and the beeswax used for the solid. Both expressions of GreenWitch use whole ingredients, I refrain from using disembodied isolates or animal ingredients such as Civet. I have never bought, promoted the use of or utilized these materials nor do I intend to.

The creamy unguent is perfect for travel, tossing into ones purse or layering over the organic liquid. I also like using the cream perfume on my arms and hands as a lotion and for anointing myself with an intention.

GreenWitch is a song to the sea, an offering to Tethys and filled with the intention that human beings will recognize their connection to nature and respect her gifts. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the flacon go to GreenPeace. When the body butters are released and the compacts return a portion of those proceeds will also be gifted to GreenPeace.

Get your GreenWitch solid sample here and the Honey Pot here. Other renditions such as the liquid or the for your perfume locket can be found also be found t the E-shop or requesting an invoice.

Images: GreenWitch Illumination ©Greg Spalenka, photos of perfume by Roxana Villa.


kathleen said...

There will be body butters? Yay!

Illuminated Perfume said...

Yes! Body butters have been in the works for awhile now, just fine tuning the details. I get a little obsessed with details.