Sunday, April 17, 2011


The Moon is full this evening, casting her soft silvery light upon all us here on planet Earth. I caught a glimpse of her in between the trees as the sky was finally draped in its dark cloak for the evening.

Luna, the patroness of femininity, rules over many things including: water, dreams and psychic awareness. This current full moon is referred to as the "Worm Moon" due to the thawing ground when worm activity begins to be visible.

Each of us is born under a specific Moon sign as well as influenced by her changing moods each month, like the ebb and flow of the ocean tides. The full moon is a time of creativity and psychic awareness. It's a good time to use ones ears in proportion to ones mouth, meaning listen more. Be open and receptive.

Today I hosted a gathering of womban at my home. The group calls themselves Artemis and meets once a month. I opened the circle with an offering of Artemisia from my garden to each guest. We then tuned into the plant deities and drank Motia attar hydrosol in goblets of water, synchronizing our energies.

I spent about three hours sharing details of my artistic path as an illustrator, into aromatherapy and now botanical perfume. It was a very sweet, aromatic lunar day.

Cultivate "a sense of time as experienced, and not merely measured,
by living in tune with our own felt rhythms… to expand our notion of clock time with an appreciation for cosmic time. Where am I in my own daily, monthly, and yearly cycles?
Is this the time to make endings or to dare beginnings? If we live our lives according to a mechanical clock, then our lives necessarily have a mechanical tone."
~ Thomas Moore, The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life

Want to know more about aromatics and the moon? Follow this link to a post here at the journal titled Lunatics.

Images: The opening image accompanying this post I took the circle of natural perfume pots and placed it over a very old miniature painting of Luna from 15th century Italy. Image above old engraving on parchment.


Lindy said...

As one of the women visiting you, Roxana, I must say it was a pleasure and an honor to get a glimpse of your organic creative process. Thank you so much for sharing with us yesterday. It is even more clear to me how each of your scents has your welcoming personality imbued into it while at the same time weaving it's own story from bottle to skin to alchemical interaction with the wearer and finally with the hours, as they mark the day. I look forward to seeing the evolution of Roxana Illuminated Botanical Arts and all her generous gifts.

Lisa said...

Roxana, I have to thank you again for inviting us into your home and sharing your warmth, knowledge and creative path with us. We had such a good time and learned a lot too. We all left smelling fragrant and feeling light!