Thursday, September 1, 2011

Carpe Diem

It's a brand new month filled with possibilities as we stroll into the firelight energetics of Autumn. Although, here in the Southern California woodland, Autumn will probably not be showing her face or cloak in these parts for another few months. Her whisper however is evident in the oaks, lots of green acorns are hanging from the branches of the sturdy evergreens that surround my home.

With the children heading off to school many of us can now focus more on other activities. For me, Eve in Vermont has been a blessing as now I can pour my energy and time into all these various projects I've been juggling.

Besides new perfumes and products, I've been revamping some of the packaging. Although the wax sealed info sheets are romantic and beautiful, the time and energy it takes to make them is exhaustive. Compounded by Eve's extra two pairs of hands not being here to help out. Thus, I am redesigning and printing up the small, folded booklet that is enclosed with the perfume flacons. I'll still have the wax sealed sheets available for those who ask for them, but, these little booklets will be the new norm as well as individual cards for each perfume. This will save loads of time, especially around the holidays.

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