Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Poetic Consciousness

"Living by synchronicity isn't merely about getting messages.
It is about growing the poetic consciousness that allows us to taste and touch what rhymes
and resonates in the world we inhabit,
and how the world-behind-the-world reveals itself
by fluttering the veils of our consensual reality."
~ Robert Moss

Thanks to Chantal for this lovely quote. As you can see I've started photographing the new silver and brass toned compacts filled with natural solid perfume. Below is GreenWitch dressed in silver with her hand crochet sea green pouch. My goal is to do a few each day in between making, formulating, packaging and shipping vital plant perfumes all over the world.


Margaret said...

I love the quote and the compacts are stunning! Thank you for sharing!

Illuminated Perfume said...

Hi Margaret, many thanks to you for stopping by. Glad you found the visuals and words inspiring.