Monday, October 3, 2011

To Bee at The Perfume Magazine

Josey Plumey has written an inspired review of To Bee over at The Perfume Magazine, please fly on over and have a read of her impressions. The Perfume Magazine has been created by Raphaella Barkley, former editor of Sniffapalooza Magazine and recipient of numerous FiFi awards. The Perfume Magazine is now in its second edition packed with loads of articles about all things fragrant transpiring through out the world as seen through the pretty eyes of Raphaella.

In other news, I have a writer coming by the house this morning that I am really excited about. I have admired this individual for quite a long time and respect her work immensely. The house is full of fresh flowers, studio is stocked with aromatics, the Jasmine sambac outside is blooming and there are fresh "Cara Sucias", an Argentine type of scone, in the kitchen waiting her arrival.

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