Friday, December 2, 2011

Gift Guide: The EARTH Girl

Rusty Earthy Cup by TierraSky in New Jersey

A new Gift Guide featuring all things earthy.

Bison Buffalo Art Print by Lucy Snowe in Oregon
Flower Earrings with Earthy Brown Blooms by Didem in the USA
Milkweed Pod Archival Print by Amber Alexander in Vermont
Felted Gloves with Silk flowers by AureliaLT in Lithuania

For her I've selected Terrestre, For the Earth, solid natural perfume in a round compact. This perfume was begun during Earth hour and then released on Earth Day. I used essences that embody the rich aroma of the earth and are considered grounding in aromatherapy.

The image that illuminates Terrestre is by my husband Greg. It was originally created for the Vespertina music CD and featured in the limited edition booklet.

Keywords for Terrestre: Grounded, Here and Now, Strength. Elemental: EARTH.


Barbara said...

What wonderful gift ideas! I love your work and blogged about you:

Have a beautiful weekend,

Illuminated Perfume said...

Thank you Barbara!