Monday, March 19, 2012

Moon Day News

Good Moon day to you all. Here is the woodland we moved the two hives due to work being done on our garage roof. The girls are still a bit confused about the move. Once the work is finished we will put them back in their regular spot and potentially harvest some honey! In the studio I am just about out of Rosa liquid. The next edition will not contain the Oud from Cambodia and thus will have a slightly different aromatic profile.

Here are a few customer comments that have come in this past week. Thank you all for your wonderful words.

"Roxana, Wow, from my first small samples your scents just grew and grew on me over time. Now as I squeeze the last drops from the sample vials I simply must have more. I fell completely in love with Rosa and Hedera Helix. I love that Hedera is connected to the Ogham and that the tenacity of Ivy lives in this scent -its an energy that is in much need for me. I am also very curious to compare the liquid and solid perfumes so I have ordered the six sampler. I would like to re-order Hedera Helix, Rosa and Oak as solid samples. And add Vera, Blanc and Aurora to try.
Thank you so much for these wonderful fragrances. I tried a few other all natural perfumes during this time also and now I know that you are the maestro!
Will be waiting for my order with anticipation.
Love and light to you,

"I am so pleased with everything about this order. Roxana was so patient and gracious about all my questions and helped me in making my final choices, and my samples shipped and arrived quickly. The packaging is beautiful, the sample pots adorable and the perfumes are absolutely exquisite!! Upon first sniff from the pots, I knew these were going to be beautiful to wear and and each one is perfect. Aurora is the spicy floral carnation I was hoping for, and both Cimbalom and Vespertina have an incense type note that I adore and I cannot decide which is my favorite yet since both are beautiful. Too Bee is one of the loveliest soft and comforting scents I have had the pleasure of wearing - almost like wild buttery honeycomb but neither sweet or sharp. I am enjoying my samples very much and anticipate many wearings from them. I already know I will be purchasing more perfumes from Roxana and am happy to have found such a lovely and gifted perfumer!"
~ Calle

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