Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Green is the color of the day on this blessed Vernal Equinox. In celebration I have two special items to share with you all. First, a review of Hedera helix by the very articulate Elena Vosnaki author at Perfume Shrine. Sometimes I feel like much of the artistry and subtleties that go into my work go unnoticed, not today, Elena sees it all. Hop onto a dandelion seed and transport yourself over to her blog for a delightful read and a giveaway.

Chaparral® has been selected as one for the featured perfumes in a special "Scent Dinner" taking place at the Woodward Garden in San Francisco. Chef Dana Tommasino and author Alyssa Harad will present a series of "scent courses" inspired by the artistry of California perfumers designed to wake up your nose, your palate and your imagination.

When Alyssa first contacted me she shared that her initial concept of only showcasing SF perfumers was stretched to include my work because she is such a fan. In the beginning phases it wasn't determined if they would select Chaparral® or GreenWitch. In one of the notes from Alyssa she mentioned, "Greenwitch is such an incredible green/savory/briny perfume that it lends itself to food. I've been writing "translations" for Dana and the one for Greenwitch involved black forbidden rice, seaweed, a raw oyster on the half shell and flying fish roe (all of this will get blogged about eventually). No idea what she'll come up with in the end but she did say she loves forbidden rice (me too!)." In the end Chaparral® won out over GreenWitch for the magical evening, just as well me thinks since this event does transpire within the aromatic landscape that inspired Chaparral®.

I'm thrilled to be part of this very creative exchange and look forward to reading more. Alyssa was very generous and sent me an advanced copy of her upcoming book Coming to My Sense: A Story of Perfume, Pleasure and an Unlikely Bride. Every night before bed I savor a chapter of this delicious book. The release is scheduled for July 2, 2012.

GreenWitch was begun way back in 2006 along with several chords that are featured within her framework. The fragrance took many twists and turns along the road to completion to ultimately launch on March 20, 2010. Find links about her construction here. Watch for the Greenwitch!

Now, lets take the Jasmin sambac hydrosol out of the fridge, pour it into a crystal goblet and welcome Flora in her beautiful new emerald cape and entourage of flowers. Cheers!

Opening painting
Le Printemps (Springtime) by Pierre Auguste Cot French, 1837 - 1883, Perfume photos ©Roxana Villa, GreenWitch illumination ©Greg Spalenka, Closing image: Flora: Spring in the Gardens of the Villa Borghese by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema Dutch, 1836 - 1912

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