Wednesday, June 6, 2012

V is for....

Yesterday was a "V" day, V for voting, Venus and Vespertina. The botanical synergy I use to create Vespertina as a solid natural perfume had run out. Thus, I made more, yesterday I removed the amber bottle from the alchemizing phase and today I will create more solid perfume.

The new edition is exactly like the previous one since none of the botanicals contained in the synergy have gone into the hard to get or extinction mode category...yet. Some of the precious plant aromatics in this luxurious balm are essences from India like Sandalwood, Rose, Jasmine, White Lotus, Vetiver, Ambrette and Frankincense from Somalia.

In other news I have individual cards now for almost each of the solid perfumes. These are business card sized with a bit of information and visuals regarding each fragrance.
Last night I received an order for a sample set of Hedera helix, Q and Lyra, thus her package will include a set of each card, pictured below.

More visual and aromatic treats arriving soon.

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