Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Artisan Fragrance Salon Weekend, Part Two

Continuing on with Part Two of the Artisan Fragrance Salon Weekend post. Laurie and I were so relaxed after spending goddess time in her garden and studio we lost track of time. We found ourselves hustling to get ourselves ready and over to the Perfumers Soiree taking place at the Press Club in the city.

Photo by the "Olfactory Ambassador" Mario of Shelley Waddington, Ragna Ruffner, Ellen Covey, 
Mandy Aftel, Mandys husband Foster and myself.

The cocktails and dinner event was organized by local perfumer Yosh Han. Attendees included the perfumers exhibiting the following day, husbands and a few other perfumer related guests who had come into town for the event. During the dinner I recognized the gal sitting across from me but couldn't place her. It turned out to be Leila Castle who I had met back in 1996 at The World of Aromatherapy conference!

The next morning we arrived at 9:30am to the gallery space where the Artisan Fragrance Event was to take place. Eve and I quickly began setting up and taking advantage of all available display space. Unfortunately I was not allowed to exhibit my banner or Gregs illuminated images unless I put them on the table,which didn't quite work aesthetically.  The idea behind the booth was to convey an "apothecary" feel relating specifically to botanical perfume. I set up a small printers ornament cabinet I had purchased in NYC during the eighties along with beakers, beeswax, moss, sea shells, the sample perfume pots and the new perfume cards. On an old silver tray I displayed the liquid perfume flacons with a beaker of scent strips ready for dipping. I also set up a little display with the Rosa perfume crochet pouch and one for the perfume and bee lockets.

The event lasted from 11am until 5pm. It was very well attended by both fans of perfume and the press. Best loved perfume at my booth was GreenWitch, big surprise. If I had brought several flacons I most likely would have sold them all. Other favorites included Rosa (which the perfumistas refer to as Rose Oud), Page47 and Chaparral. All and all the set up seemed very successful from the comments received.

Besides the exhibit there was an area in the center of the gallery with presenters all day long, among them was Alyssa Harad, pictured with me here.

One of the challenges of the busy one day event is that neither Eve or I were able to leave the booth and tour the show. I was really disappointed not to smell my fellow natural perfumers scents, especially Leila Castle.

The following morning we packed up suitcases, said our goodbyes to Laurie and her clan and headed down to Berkeley for brunch. We were to meet Gregs cousin Rex and Aunt Alice at the infamous Betty's Diner.  After an amazing meal that included local honey for our tea and a mouth watering chocolate souffle for dessert it was time for visiting one of my favorite shops in Berkeley, Tail of the Yak, before heading back down to LA.

 It was a great trip and we hope to visit again soon!

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