Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Giveaway Winners!!

Many thanks to all who participated in the Anniversary Celebration with comments, tweets, purchases, etc. I am very humbled and proud to have such wonderful and thoughtful patrons. As I inputted each of your names, sometimes as often as six times (!), into I felt a huge wave of gratitude and wish I could have picked each of you.

In any event, the Randomizer choose these fortunate ladies: Moecha, Lee and Mekhaela.

I am sending a mini compact of Vera out to Moecha who says "Vespertina reminds me of a little street from my hometown with a certain house retreated behind walls. These walls are covered in wisteria: the smell as you pass by is highly fragrant, rich and 'polleny'. In the evening it's not overpowering anymore, but still vibrant. Summer nights lend their sweet, smoky undertones to the air, transforming the scent of these flowers.
Glorious indeed. :)"

Lee has chosen the jar of Lavender Body Butter and Mekhaela I have not heard from yet. In the event Mekhaela does not contact me by the end of the day on Thursday, the runner up is Jeffrey.

Congrats to the winners and stay tuned for another giveaway attached to a feature scheduled for Sunday evening, if all goes well.

Vera illumination by Greg Spalenka, see more at his website and shop on Etsy.


frog said...

Thanks for the opportunity Roxana. Congrats winners!

frog said...

Thanks so much for the opportunity Roxana. Congrats winners!