Saturday, August 18, 2012

Honey Bee!

The sun is in Leo and just now via a tweet I heard this "Happy Leo new moon! A good time for creativity, play, doing things that you love & being in your heart. What auspicious new as we celebrate the honey bee today!!"

Hope you locals will all be coming out to to Honey Bee Awareness Day in LA from 1:30 to 4:00 with festivities continuing at 423 West Gallery (7-10pm).

Ginger mentioned she would be going to her farmers market today and asking the honey sellers about bees. I enccourage you to do the same, if you feel courageous ask them these three questions to find our how pure their honey is:

~ Do you use feral beees?

More likely they will think you are out of your mind, since most beekeepers have been led down a path unconsciousness, convinced that they need to use the domisticated bee. The challenge with the domisticated bee is she has been bred larger (Bigger is better mentality). This breeding has created a honey bee that has a weakened immune system and thus doesn't survive very well. Meanwhile the tiny little feral bee, pictured above, manages quite well. Another example of how Mother Nature knows best.

~ Do you allow the bees to build their own foundation?

Another likely no answer. Most beekeepers, do not do this because it is easier to extract honey from chemically treated plastic foundation.

~ Do you use any chemical in the hive, like mite control?

Another likely no answer, if they are using the domisticated honey bee than they need to use mite control.

A very Happy and Aware day to you all, my scent of the day (SOTD) is To bee of course.

Honey Bee photo was taken by me on Thursday while celebrating my 50th birthday at the Getty. More on that soon. Image ©RoxanaVilla, feel free to pin.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!! I just got back from the market where I went to my local honey bee guy...his was is soooooo pure and beautiful! his answers to these questions are YES! and I scopped up some wax to play a little with my own daughter couldn't help buying herself a honey bear! Happy Honey Bee Day! xoxox

Illuminated Perfume said...

How absolutely wonderful!!! Yay!!