Monday, August 13, 2012

Wax Symposium

On Saturday Chelsea and Rob McFarland of HoneyLove hosted their yearly Wax Symposium. This year it was held at the Celia Gallery space in North Hollywood.

Topics included:
~ An introduction to urban beekeeping
~ How honey bees gather nectar and pollen
~ How nectar is converted into both honey and beeswax
~ How to make beeswax candles and foundation
~ How to make an herbal salve using beeswax

Greg took the photos of me teaching below.

I've been delving deep into my roots in aromatherapy as I create a new line, thus showcasing how to make a simple herbal salve. Seemed a good fit, it is also a cross gender item and features two herbal infusions from flowers that bees love.

Next up, the annual HoneyLove National Bee Awareness Day Event on August 18th. The theme this year is: "Sustainable Agriculture Starts with Honey Bees!" at West LA Civic Center (Bandshell
Amphitheater), 1645 Corinth Ave. in Los Angeles from 1:30pm until 4:00pm. Some of my very fav dude beekeepers will be sepaking:

GEORGE LANGWORTHY > "Vanishing of the Bees"
KIRK ANDERSON > Backwards Beekeepers
DAVID KING > The Learning Garden

I will have a booth there along with:
Backwards Beekeepers
Theodore Payne Foundation
UCLA Extension Horticulture & Gardening Certificate Program
Mar Vista Community Council Green Committee
Del Rey Neighborhood Council
The Growing Home

Beeing and Seeing
Sno-con AMOR
Honeydrop Beverages
Whole Foods Market - Plaza El Segundo

Afterwards there is party which includes Mead sampling (!!!) at 423 West Gallery (7-10pm)

Image in montage are a mix of my photos and HoneyLove.

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