Thursday, October 25, 2012


One of the biggest challenges for the natural perfumer who works with a restricted palette of botanical raw materials, is that they are rare aromatic gems that every once in awhile disappear off the market. I stepped into the world of aromatherapy in the mid 1990's when many essences were much easier to purchase and substantially less expensive.

Over the last fifteen years some of my suppliers have stopped carrying specific essences, others come and go like the tide. In some cases I must order large amounts if I intend to get more.

My way around all this chaos is to reconstruct the missing essence as an accord, then if the essence becomes available again I can replace it in a formula. I did this last month with GreenWitch and most recently with Cimbalom. Thus, if you notice subtle differences this is the reason.

The jasmine sambac flowers have pretty much ended their flowering season here in the woodland, next up is the violets. Thus, expect to start seeing lots of pictures of deliciously, aromatic violets.


kathleen said...

I'm looking forward to smelling some of those violets!

ChatterBlossom said...
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