Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dance of the Spirits

Aurora in her liquid form has returned! The formula is the same thus there should be no to very little shifts in the fragrance of this botanical perfume. Unlike many of my other perfumes, Aurora is quite simple in her composition, with only seventeen individual essences and no accords/chords. One of the precious ingredients is a carnation absolute from France that is absolutely stunning and I am happy to say was instrumental in getting me to start making botanical perfumes. I adore the spicy floral scent of carnations.

On Saturday I asked Greg to pick me up some fresh carnation flowers for new photos. He brought back a bouquet of deliciously scented red blossoms which I used for multiple shots including the solid. I still have more to do. If you feel inspired please let me know which photos you like the best.

Since people are becoming more and more visual and less into reading specifics about a purchase, I took some photos with a ruler to indicate size of the vial containing 1 gram of fragrance. I used my Women Rulers of Science for the shots.

Almost all varieties of Aurora are now in the shop, including a bottle from the 2012 edition and in the new honey bee cases. The round flat tin will be added shortly.

The name Aurora was chosen for the sparkle quality of the fragrance which reminded me of the phenomena that occurs in the sky at the magnetic poles of the Earth, both in the north and south. The Cree refer to the aurora borealis as Dance of the Spirits, which works rather nicely with Greg's image and a botanical perfume created with grape spirits.

The illumination that accompanies this fragrance is a detail of an image by Greg titled Snow Faerie, featured in his 2009 Calendar Divine Nature. The image is available in his shop with a set of postcards and a fine art print.

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