Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Looking Glass

Greg and I ventured over the Santa Monica Mountains yesterday for a meeting at the Hotel Del Mar in Santa Monica. Those of you who read this journal regularly know that I am on the constant search for bottles and containers that meet my aesthetic and environmental criteria without needing to order 10 to 25K units.

Well, I'm excitedly to report I finally may have found an alternate source for my liquid perfume bottles and sprayers. Nothing is for sure until I have the actual order in hand, but, there seems to be a bright light at the end of the long and crazy road of uber niche, conscious, natural perfumery packaging.

In general I haven't been getting out of the studio much due to orders. Yesterday wasn't the smartest day to be out and about, however, the day was gloriously beautiful and a treat to look out on the blue ocean and clear sky. Santa Monica is one of my very favorite places to go and the outing in the fresh air did both of us good a world of goodness...besides the thrilling aspect of new bottles!

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