Friday, May 31, 2013

Contest for Content - Figure 1: Noir

It's Friday, my favorite day of the week, auspiciously ruled by Venus the Goddess of love and I have had a bright idea. I'm in the final stretch of the Figure 1: Noir LookBook and could use a few extra quotes, impressions and/or reviews. Thus, I've decided to have a Contest for Content.

Here's how this will work, you may enter by contributing a quote or review of Figure 1: Noir. The quote or review must be posted here as a comment or link, on my facebook fan page or send me an e-mail to roxana at If I use your comment or review in the LookBook I'll send you a small spray bottle with the Eau de Parfum of Figure 1: Noir. Everyone who gets their comment into the LookBook will then be submitted into a draw for a larger bottle of the EdP.

If you have already written feedback, a review or sent me an e-mail with your impressions, feel free to use that as your entry. Just do me a favor and send it to me or post it. No need to feel intimidated if you aren't a writer, I am open to all suggestions, including what type of imagery and content to feature in the Figure 1: Noir LookBook, etc.

Contest for Content starts now and ends in twenty four hours, Saturday 1:00 am PST, so go!

As an added perk I am adding another way to enter: Create a Figure 1: Noir Pinterest Board. You can use the images here at this journal, my etsy shop and anything else you feel represents the feel of the fragrance. One board will be selected as the winner. For this portion of the contest you have until next Friday at midnight PST.

Thanks for helping out, have fun. Can't wait to read your comments and see your Pin boards!

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Anonymous said...

i received my order today, and i wanted to thank you SO much for the amazing beauty of each and every scent in my package...and for the thoughtfulness and beauty of the packaging as well. i can not say enough, how amazing and wonderful each of your natural scents is, or how happy i am to finally have found a maker and seller who produces such glorious scents in completely synthetic-free ways! i have been tormented by headaches and allergic reactions to synthetics for so long, that i was beginning to be resigned to it. You have set me free of that, and i can never, EVER thank you enough!

But the Noir has completely stolen the show for me; i am so shocked by and so in love with this fragrance that there are simply not enough words in the English language to do it justice! i am wearing both the solid and the liquid right now, and there is no doubt in either my lover's mind or my own, that while i will still be using and wearing so many of your gorgeous perfumes on a regular basis, THIS will become my signature scent, and the one i wear most often and most thoroughly. As soon as possible, i will be purchasing both the liquid in it's wonderfully vintage-yet-modern looking glass bottle, and the gorgeous locket for solids that features the image for Noir on it's face. (Please, please tell your husband that the artwork for this scent is also very moving, and it speaks deeply to me and is so, so perfect for the perfume you have made here!) i am happily and totally stunned. This is the best patchouli fragrance i have ever smelled, and the way you have melded it with so many other deep and moving, full-noted essences has made it so. It is not just a patchouli perfume; it is night, it is twilight, it is the warmth of the dense woods when daylight is still just trembling on the edges of the trees before sunset. It is amazing. :)
i have tears in my eyes.
i can not thank you enough!

Noir, has a depth and mystery in it's essence that brings to mind a purple so dark it is almost black, and yet it is not a heavy scent; it is so versatile it can be worn with equal ease both night and day.

The beautiful art-card that represents the fragrance, like the sent itself, evokes ideas of vintage things with a modern feel. It will grace my mirror proudly, and i will definitely be referring my friends to you, whenever i have any opportunity, thank you!