Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Now that the two consecutive shows, which involved travel, are over I can begin to get back to a steady rhythm. Although Eve returns on Saturday night which will most definitely add an element of chaos.

I've been shooting all the bee tins and catching up on making more of the perfumes that are out, such as GreenWitch solid, the new edition of Vespertina solid and Chaparral liquid. I have lots of new items in the works, one that have been sleeping since last year that I plan to debut on the Summer Solstice if everything aligns as I am intending.

Lots and lots of smelly treats are in the process, its just a matter of all the parts coming together to make the perfect whole that is needed for debut.

The perfume lockets with the resin coated images are back, I only received a few of each, thus if you have been craving one please do not hesitate. Also, if you have suggestions for other illuminations you would like to see on these beautiful new lockets I'd love to hear your thought.


Anonymous said...

This sounds exciting. I am always interested in hearing about your new scents and how things are coming together! Welcome home!

Ada [The Duchess] said...

So exciting!!!