Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blossom Cologne and EdP update

There are many instances within the course of a day, a week or month when events can get really challenging. As one who wears multiple hats this can be even more intense when their is a looming finish line. The intention was to debut the new edition of Blossom and a few of the Eau de Parfums (EdPs) at FRAGments and in the E-shop last Monday.

In advance of the debut Greg and I started re-working the label design that we had used for Impromptu. All was going went well until my local printer started acting really flakey, claiming problems with their digital printer. I choose to stick it out since, after all, they are a local and a family owned small business.

On Friday afternoon, after the set up at the MorYork gallery I stopped in to pick up the labels, confident that everything was ready. NOT! The set of labels for the 3ml bottles was ready, however, the second, most important set for Blossom and the EdP's had not been printed AND their printer was once again down. I calmly communicated to them that this was unacceptable and asked what they could do to get these labels to me today, including referring me to another printer. I was told they would contact their service technician and get someone out ASAP. Ten minutes later they called me to say that the labels would be ready in the afternoon.

I swung by the print shop on my way back from the daily post office drop to pick up the labels as well as the little info cards I include with the fragrances. I quickly looked everything over and headed back to the studio. Later that night, after dinner, as I sat down to put the new labels on the bottles to my horror I found that the image had not been lined up with the stickers.

Panic came rushing in like a torrential ice cold river, it was now less than twelve hours until the show opened with no means of having the labels re-printed in time. Thus, we improvised, for Figure 1: Noir we used the label that was to go on the upcoming 3ml perfume extrait bottle and for blossom we cut out what we could of the labels. We decided not to show the other EdP's since by the time we had labeled F1: Noir and Blossom it was 4am.

If all goes well a few of the EdP's and Blossom should be in the shop next week with their groovy labels.

The other item that was printed a bit off was the little informational cards. The last time they had printed the cards for me the coloring came out really dark and somewhat green. To prevent this from occurring again I asked for a proof. The proof looked pretty good and so I gave the A-okay. To my regret when I took a look at the cards and compared them to my other cards I noticed that once again they were really dark with a green cast to the color. I couldn't understand how this had happened yet again. The printer informed me that it was because the paper they used to run the proof was different from the paper they used to print the cards. Hello?

On Monday I plan to take the labels and cards back to have them for reprinting, free of charge. For the future I'm looking at other print shops, even if it means driving to Burbank or using someone online. Ideally I'd like to have an in house designer that would handle all of this, that's the intention. Inch by inch it's a cinch, just gotta remember to breath and bend like a reed. Repeat after me...YOGA.

Opening image by Elena of Fragrantica

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Hi Dear.
Afff...Many problems!
Try a printer online.
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