Saturday, August 24, 2013

To Bee LookBook is here!

The To Bee LookBook has finally been completed and published! Please stop by and have a look here  I began putting the elements together for this book two years ago shortly after designing and publishing the very first Roxana Illuminated Perfume overall LookBook. Life got in the way, new perfumes arrived and the To Bee LookBook kept being pushed back.

Now that Greg has been on board to help me design and create these books they are coming together with much more grace and ease. For To Bee Greg created two illuminations with the photos he took of Jessica back in May while we were in Seattle, you can see one on the cover and the other is the last spread before the end page.

All the photos, except for the ones of Jessica and myself at the bee hive were taken by me. I also designed the spreads and wrote the copy, except for where indicated. Greg facilitates the flow of the pages, design elements and textures. We work together as a team, like a synergy of essential oils, where the single notes combine to produce a orchestration much more melodic and complex than an individual note.

Enjoy! Let me know what perfume you'd like to see next as a LookBook. I'm checking with my printer to about having these reproduced as physical books.

Image ©GregSpalenka


Beespeaker said...

It is exquisite! Thank you for that Tom Robbins quote. I am inspired to reread Jitterbug Perfume. What is that white flower with the pompom of pollen?

Illuminated Perfume said...

Thank you Beespeaker! The white flower with the big egg yolk yellow center is a Matilija poppy on our front slope, it's a native of California.