Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bits and Pieces

It's Tuesday, a MARS ruled day, almost Wednesday which is governed by MERCURY. Here's a fun little review that came in while I was watching a documentary about the City of Alexandria:

"WELL NOW. Oookay. Here's the thing, darlings. these Samples? Impossibly elegant. Let me explain. Firstly, they came in a velvet pouch. I don't mean some cheap plastic velvet..I mean the yummy stuff. The tiny containers have a small amount in each, but plenty to wear multiple times, and that's a GOOD dang thing...because the fragrances are gorgeous...and I write this as a person who cant handle cloying stuff or fake stuff without getting a wicked headache. Each little top is stamped with a bee, and then you get color coded cards to match the tiny box to the scent...gorgeous small scale business cards and such in a small envelope sealed in wax..oh, and by the way..it gets to you FAST. I will be back for full sizes shortly...and I am a BIG new fan. (whew...biggest damn review I have ever left..)"

and on Friday, I received this note:

Part 1
"The 20 something year old taking my lunch order got so excited about the smell of Noir liquid that he had to ask me what it was and also got my order wrong. :-) He loves patchouli ...

Part 2
"It just happened again. This time the head of our IT department, also male but mid forties."
Conclusion and suggestion by the wearer: "Drives men to distraction!"

That little bottle of Figure 1: Noir, pictured above, holds 4 grams of pure fume by weight. All the perfumes are available in this size but not all of them currently have the fancy labels. Inching along.


Anonymous said...


Will you be offering the smaller size bottle in oth scents, too? So exciting!

Thank you for sharing your beauty with us!

Illuminated Perfume said...

Hi Jennifer, the bottle pictured in the photo above contains 4 grams of perfume extrait. All the perfume extraits are offered in this size, although they haven't all been listed in the shop yet. So far Figure 1: Noir and Chaparral are there with Cimbalom arriving today.