Saturday, October 12, 2013

Color & Scent

 Lately I've been working on perfume related things like the making and decanting of liquid and solid perfumes / packing up orders during the day and then working on the website at night into the wee hours. During the ebb and flow of the week I'll also research bottles and packaging, work on new formulas, place orders, ponder imagery, etc.

The jasmine are starting to wane but there are still periods of bloom time as we shift into color temps and violet season.

This week Martha came by with thread colors for various upcoming perfumes. The process of selecting a color for a perfume can be so darn tricky, firstly because of the limited palette I've chosen to use as a rough guideline, pictured below.

Secondly because finding the wax to match the thread or vice versa can be a daunting task. Then there is the illumination that may already exist or not and last but not least is the basic structure already created for the colors and scent families, although not perfect.
  • GREEN: Green scents:  Q, Sierra, GreenWitch, Hedera helix, Chaparral
  • GOLDEN: Honey, Spice: To Bee, Impromptu, Mellifera, Honey
  • BLACK, UMBER to COOPER: Earthy: Fig 1:Noir, Aumbre, Terrestre
  • BROWN: Chocolate
  • IVORY: Vanilla: Fig. 10 Blanc, Page 47
  • RED to PURPLE: Florals: Aurora, Lyra, Vespertina, Cimbalom, Gracing the Dawn, Vera and the upcoming Figure 8: Coeur de Jasmin

For Impromptu we begin with the illumination. I chose to go with a light golden hue within the colors of the image. Next will be finding the wax, which I might have custom made.

For the upcoming Figure 8: Coeur de Jasmin I had a Mulberry colored wax in mind that Martha was able to find the thread for immediately. Next will be Greg providing the illumination.

For Impromptu and Figure 8: Coeur de Jasmin I'll be creating the little mini cards and searching for
an iconic image for both of those.

For Figure 10: Blanc I already knew that the color was going to shift to an ivory shade. The color of the thread was found in tandem with the wax. Next will be a slight redesign of get the little mini cards and having those printed up.

Mellifera is still being worked on but we are contemplating colors, same with the honey chord which will become a perfume at some point, although the name has yet to be determined, we're just going with Honey for now.

The pale pink thread you see up there to the left of Fig.8 might replace the current color we are using for Lyra since it fits my palette a bit better...or it might be another perfume.

There are two wood fragrances that are part of the Figure series, those might actually break the color pattern. For another perfume in the works we are considering a silver hue.


Princess Ellie said...

Very excited for your new scents. This post gives me an interesting insight about the thought process you go through for the details of your beautiful products. It shows an amazing amount of pride in your work!

Illuminated Perfume said...

Thanks for noticing all the little details Angie.