Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Dream Menagerie

"I was in a deep wood, at twilight, and all your fragrances were actually PEOPLE...well..some of them were fairies or elemental/goddess-like beings...but basically people. They were all gathering around me, coming in and out of focus, and they each had their own story to tell about their lives and their experiences as who and what they were. Chaparral was obviously something of a cowboy, but in a surprisingly dapper and genteel Victorian, almost steam-punk sort of way...Hedera Helix was the spirit of the forest itself, and Rosa an almost vaporous woman dressed entirely in rose and flower petals...Gracing the Dawn wore antique lace on soft, soft modern white dresses, and she glowed like the very early morning sun when she spoke...It went on and on and i wish i remembered more of it, but it was like a beautiful spell, and it was wonderful.
Vespertina, and the GreenWitch, both of which i have never yet smelled, were the last to come to me, and the ones i remember best, for some reason. Vespertina was a tiny girl/woman, who frequently sprouted wings and both spoke and behaved like an eccentric spirit, or a very innocent and precocious fairy...she clung to my hand and whispered stories to me that i would give my I-teeth to remember clearly....and when the GreenWitch appeared, just before i woke, she came in a swirl of cool air and water-scent, and was more a deep presence than a person i could clearly see...she said nothing in words, but left a deep, heartening impression on was just plain magical! :)

So, odd as it is, i wanted to tell you about it; your scents have the ability to really inspire the mind, even in sleep!
Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us all! :)"

~ KatnipKitty

Vespertina image by Greg Spalenka, available at his E-shop

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