Sunday, November 3, 2013


I have been working, working, working on the new website day and night and feel it is finally fairly ready for some input before the official launch. Thus, if you feel inspired to give me some feedback please head on over here.

Although Paypal is a slimy, corrupt corporation that I detest, I have put it as an option for purchases since so many are devoted to it. There is still product to add, listings to tweak and pages missing. I'm also looking at a few apps to improve a few things, but, in the meantime the site is fairly meaty and there's plenty to critique.

Like my fragrances, the site has been "handmade" by me using a standard Shopify template with a little help from Luke over at Tweaky when things got too over my head. I look forward to making it a grand experience for each of you although what I'd really like to get back to is illuminating your lives with beautiful, botanical scents.


Anonymous said...

Hi! It looks exciting. Sounds like so much work. Just noticed, did you mean for the sample set of three and six liquid perfumes to be the same price? Just thought I would alert you, just in case this is not a deal you meant to offer!

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful visual experience when we shop. It makes life decadent from start to finish, when we receive our insanely intoxicating package. I will be pampering myself with more Page 47 soon!

Illuminated Perfume said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I just checked the new site and noticed I have not yet uploaded the liquid samples. I'd love to know where you saw the error so I can fix it? Intending to have the site complete in a week or so. It's been such a monster to birth!