Saturday, March 22, 2014


Part of the inherent impetus of the new season is the urge to purge on multiple levels, most often referred to as Spring cleaning. For me, the purification impulse has been directed at my website and the studio. To the website I changed the opening slide show and added some more content and photos to the "Who is Roxana" link from the About page.

In the meantime, I submitted my site to Peek for an evaluation. I was aware that whoever I received to critique the site might not be my niche market, but, I figured I had nothing to lose. Here is the link to the review if you would like to check it out. I feel pretty lucky with the person who took the time to look at my site, she clearly had no troubles moving through the links and the information.

Thus, I must be on the right track. If you feel the website could use something added to it please send me a note, I really appreciate all the feedback from the best fans and customers in the whole world. One of the things I've been considering doing is adding a new slide show every month or season, what do you think?

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