Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Return of Persephone

Spring is officially here embarking on the time of rebirth, all things new, vital and green. The energetic impulse of the season births forth from the earth through the flowers. Everything feels fresh and alive. It's a playful time of year when we emerge from hibernation and begin peeling away what no longer serves. We come out of the darkness, shed our woolens and match the radiance of the sun with an inspired outlook on life and new vision.

These characteristics are more obvious in Northern climates, than in temperate zones like here in the City of Angels where we dwell in a more monotone climate. Never the less, we do can "feel" the energy of the season and can visibly see it in the blooming California poppies and other natives displaying their seasonal beauty.

Ah, which reminds me, the Theodore Payne Foundation will be having their Poppy Day Spring Sale of native plants and their spectacular once a year Garden Tour.

For some interesting insights about the energetics of Spring in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), check out this post by Jennifer Raye on her blog.

Figure 1: Noir is a moist, loamy earth of perfume of early Spring compared to say the fresh greens in Hedera helix or Gracing the Dawn that embody her in full bloom mode. Where as Blossom, Lyra, Rosa, Cimbalom and Chiaroscuro are the waning of Spring and Summer. However, your intuition always trumps knowledge (in my opinion), follow your nose and go with what "feels" most appropriate for your self.

The opening image that accompanies this post is a painting by Lord Frederick Leighton of the mythological figure Persephone as she returns from her time in the underworld. The second image is a photo Greg took of Gwen Cunningham which illuminates Hedera helix, which is now ready as a liquid!

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