Friday, May 16, 2014

HoneyLove Yellow Tie Event and Mellifera

Sunday evening HoneyLove is having their annual "Yellow Tie Event" to raise awareness about our important little pollinator while inspiring and educating new urban beekeepers! The late afternoon early evening affair will feature Yellow Carpet photos, great food, fun drinks, local honey tasting, and a special musical performance.

I am donating an oval compact filled with Mellifera solid perfume for the silent auction. The fragrance began as a sketch at last years Wax symposium. The word Mellifera is the part of the latin name for the European honey bee and translates as honey bearing. If you are curious about the smell come seek me out at the event and ask for a sniff. Mellifera has not yet been released, expect it to appear in the next few weeks.

Look forward to seeing you at the Yellow Tie event!

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