Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Twos Day

Two Impromptu reviews in one day! The first that I became aware of is over at Perfume Smellin' Things, written by Beth with all her fabulous story telling skills. Here's one of my favorite parts:

"This sounds silly perhaps, but I know that almost anyone like me with an unrestrained adoration of the art of perfumery and its alchemy should know exactly what I mean when I say this. 
I love Impromptu even more without clothes. When I'm sunbathing and my skin is warmed, the scent completely blossoms.  I love to stretch out as naked as possible on my sunny upper deck like a lazy desert cat and revel in Impromptu's sweet woodsy fire. I suppose that if I have have to appear dressed while I'm wearing it I'll break out the sexy Ralph Lauren maxi dress that I bought for it (Yes I buy clothes for perfumes not the other way around!) ... a swirling, sexy sheath of cat print with leather ties. I'll add a chunky gold necklace, some carved bone earrings and dance the night away because I've certainly got a lot to celebrate!"

The second review is over at EauMG by Victoria who deconstructs each variation of the scent with a wonderful comparison to the time of day.

Time to take a moment to savor the sweet, leathery balsamic notes of Impromptu and breath deep. Here's the link on the website with all the variations of Impromptu>

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