Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sol Invictus

In times of ancient in the Northern tribes of Europe, people would gather on the Winter Solstice to celebrate the return of the light. We are told that the veils of magick are thinnest during the high holy days of the Great Wheel such as this evening.

It was on such a day that Claire, the heroine of the Outlander series crossed from one time to another in Scotland. Thus on this blessed day, we bring you the new image created by the Maestro, Greg Spalenka to illuminate the La Dame Blanche perfume. Check back here for when the listing for the solid and Eau de Parfum get posted on the site.

The fragrance is a heart centered, romantic balm of pleasure with a rosy aura.

Today also happens to be a new moon in Capricorn, setting a powerful tone as we honor the sun and all the warmth and magnificence that powerful luminous orb provides for us earth dwellers. Read more about the Winter Solstice and related posts at this link here at the journal. Blessed be.

Illumination ©Greg Spalenka

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