Monday, December 29, 2014

California Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas from Southern California, where the day was cool with brilliant sunshine. Here's a pictorial display of our day down in Hermosa with the Neuhart clan.

The morning usually starts off with hugs, kisses, a drink (tea in our case), the traditional family photo and opening of gifts. Santa is very abundant at the Neuhart house, he must like the beach.

Books is generally the most often given and received gift along with food. Eve and I found this beautiful rainbow pasta from Italy at Blue Table in Calabasas.

After the gift exchange we moved into the kitchen and family room to get ready for brunch. We bought some beautiful orange tulips on our way over that were the perfect accessory for the table. As you can see from the photos, the Neuhart house is big on really bright, bold color...especially orange. 

Although normally we are told to just bring ourselves, this year we contributed olive bread and homemade lemon poppyseed.

The "big gift" for Eve this year was a twin lens reflex Mamiya camera from 1970, which auspiciously is the same era of the bright green vintage dress she wore that day.

Photos: Roxana Villa / Home: Marilyn Neuhart

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